Business Process Management BPM Definition Steps And Benefits

In most organizations, the sales team spends a significant amount of time in coordinating with the Accounts Receivable (AR) team, to get sales invoices approved. Even a small typo in invoices, ruins the lives of the salespeople. This is where business process management comes into the picture, since it automates the invoice approval process, thereby eliminating the chances of manual errors and the back and forth clarifications between the salespeople and the AR team. Here are a couple of scenarios in the sales department, where business process management can help them streamline their processes:

A finance team is bombarded with paper forms and emails every day since anything that involves money has to go through them. For instance, if the asset management team wants to purchase 50 laptops, they send the quotation that they received from the vendor to the finance team for approval. This is just one case. Imagine, how many emails and paper forms they receive on a daily basis from various teams. Without a system in place, it is cumbersome for them to manage all of these. Business process management (BPM) software helps them manage all of this. Here are a couple of scenarios in the finance department, where business process management comes as a saving grace:

* One-click approvals for travel requests
* Customize workflows for unique scenarios

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Features every competent business process management tool should have
Now that you know why exactly a BPM system is necessary, here’s a list of the features a good business process management system should have.

* Visual process diagramming tool
* Drag-and-drop form designer
* Role-based access control
* Mobile support
* Powerful administrator features
* Single sign-on (SSO)
* Integration with existing software systems
* Reports and analytics
* Performance for large user bases
* Process performance metrics

Read this article for a detailed explanation of the abovefeatures of a good business process management system.

What are the benefits of incorporating business process management?
Here are some of the primarybenefits of using BPMin your business:

* Gain control of chaotic and unwieldy processes
* Create, map, analyze, and improvebusiness processes
* Run everyday operations more efficiently
* Realize bigger organizational goals
* Move toward digital transformation
* Improve and optimize tangled operations
* Closely track individual items as they move through a workflow

Is BPM really expensive?
Usually, yes.Business process management (BPM) systems can get quite complex. Installing an on-premise solution might cost more than $250,000 after technology and consultant costs are included. ButKissflow Processstarts at just $390/month to make BPM much more affordable. Plus, there’s no extra fees for support. Pick a process that has been hard for you to automate and get started with Kissflow today.