How To Use Your Android Phone As A Modem No Rooting Required Redux

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Last year we showed you how to tether your Android phone to your computer, no rooting required. The only catch was that it cost $16—now we’re back with a just as simple but free-as-in-beer solution.

Our original guide was inspired by a reader email, asking us to help configure their Android phone and laptop for tethered browsing, and detailed how to use the robust PDAnet to tether. This guide is inspired by the recent release of Tether, a free application from Koushik Dutta, the brains behind the awesome ClockworkMod package for Android. Read on as we show you how to use ClockwordMod Tether.

One word of warning before we continue; although we found Tether to be a perfectly acceptable alternative to PDAnet, it is still an Alpha release. If you’re worried about hiccups or downtime (and your job depends on you having face and reliable internet access) we’d highly suggest reading our original guide focused on PDAnet as PDAnet is a mature and well tested tethering tool.

What You’ll Need
Accept for a quick download, you should have everything you need on hand already. For this tutorial you’ll need the following items:

* Your Android Phone
* Your laptop, netbook, or desktop computer
* A USB sync cable for your Android phone
* A copy of Clockwork Mod Tether Alpha (Available for Windows/Mac/Linux)

Once you’ve downloaded the appropriate copy for your OS, you’re ready to rock. Let’s get started!

Installing Tether

After downloading the installation app, launch it. Although you won’t have to do anything too fancy to install tether you will need to approve a variety of system changes—the warnings look serious but that’s just because Windows Vista/7 is particularly aggressive about warning users.

Click through the installation process, about halfway through a command prompt window will pop up and the installation process will prompt you to approve the installation of an unsigned driver. Approve it.

At the end of the installation process Tether will launch your default web browser and direct it to Tether Drivers sub-page of the ClockworkMod site. If you already have the most up-to-date USB drivers for your particular Android phone, you can skip this step. For everyone else, take a moment to grab drivers for your phone. Don’t see your phone listed? You can always check out the driver list provided by Google here. At any rate, you’ll need to make sure your drivers are up to date before continuing.

If you’ve previously used PDAnet on your computer (whether the trial or the full package) you’ll need to uninstall it before continuing. Tether will not work if PDAnet is installed. Once your drivers are up to date and you’ve confirmed PDAnet is uninstalled, it’s time to fire up Tether.

When you first run it there isn’t much going on, it simply sits by idle waiting for you to start the process. Now is the time to plug in your Android phone’s sync cable and tether the phone to your computer. You’ll need to have Debug mode enabled. Take a moment to navigate, on your Android phone, to Settings > Applications > Development and check USB Debugging. Once you’ve confirmed debugging is on and your phone is connected, click Start in the Tether interface on your computer.

Tether should spring to life; don’t worry too much about the output whirling by in the Tether Log window. Tether will automatically install the Tether application on your Android phone (if it doesn’t you can find it in the \ClockworkMod\Tether\Common\ folder and install it manually).

At this point the USB logo on both the Tether desktop app and the Tether Android app should be green like so:

And that’s it! You’re connected to the internet via your Android phone. No more hunting for Wi-Fi nodes, you’ve got a easy to use tether right in your pocket.

Troubleshooting Your Tether Installation
Although we had a painless Tether installation, it’s still an Alpha release app. We’ve rounded up some solutions to common problems here.

First, when in doubt, restart both your computer and phone. Second, use the task manager to kill all instances of tether.exe and node.exe before restarting the tether.exe—some users report that the first time they run Tether it doesn’t work but after killing the process and starting it again everything is fine.

Getting a DUN Null error? Make sure you’ve uninstalled PDAnet—double check even if you think it’s not installed, maybe you tested it out years ago and forgot.

Connection hangs between phone and computer? Make sure your USB drivers are up to date. It’s possible to have just-good-enough older drivers that get the phone and computer talking but fail to completely connect the two together.

Installation failed? Run it again as administrator and make sure to approve the driver requests it makes.

If you need additional help or have run into a quirky installation issue, make sure to check out the discussion thread about ClockworkMod Tether here.

This is the technique to share your phone’s Internet connection to other devices. If you have multiple devices, and only your Android phone or tablet has an active data plan, using this technique you can easily share the mobile data with other devices.

In this case, your tethered device works like a modem. There are three different ways to share Android Internet connection with a computer; such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB.

Let’s come to reverse tethering. This is the opposite side of tethering which allows your Android smartphone to use your computer’s Internet to access the Internet on the phone.

Sometimes the requirement may be different, and you might want to make tethering work the other way round, and it is called reverse tethering.

For instance, you have an Internet connection on your PC, and you want to use it on your Android device to download an application from play store, in that case, reverse tethering might help you to do that.

Reverse Tethering on Android Phone without Rooting
Reverse tethering works well on rooted Android devices, but there is no easy procedure to do it on a normal phone. Therefore, this technique is not that much popular yet. There are two easy ways to reverse tethering on Android phone or tablet.

Reverse Tethering without Rooting via WIFI
WIFI is the easiest way for non-rooted users to get access the Internet connection from the computer on their gadgets. This procedure not only works on Android devices but also works on iOS and Windows phones.

Any gadget which has a WIFI adapter can access the Internet by using this technique.

1) You must have a Windows 7 or later OS installed on your computer
2) Your system should have a WIFI adaptor
3) Connectify Software


1. Install Connectify software on your computer and run it.
2. The free version comes with a basic interface and it is perfect to do the tethering task.
3. You just need to choose the Internet connection whether LAN or WIFI which you want to share with other devices.
4. Next, enter a Network Name and Password for security and click on the Start Hotspot button to enable WIFI reverse tethering.
5. On your phone, enable the WIFI and choose the given network and password to access the Internet. That’s it.

This process is quite helpful for Laptop users to use WIFI reverse tethering, because by default every laptop comes with a WIFI adaptor. If you don’t have a laptop, then follow the below procedure to do that.

Reverse Tethering without Rooting via USB
For non-rooted users, reverse tethering without rooting using USB is very complex. But, if you have decent knowledge on connections in your PC then you can try this tutorial.

The default Android ports don’t allow simple access and reverse tethering, and it is tough to do. This procedure is too lengthy to describe here. That’s I have shared the link to the original post. I hope, this could help you to resolve your problem.

USB Reverse Tethering: Code Project

Reverse USB Tethering for Rooted Users
There are many reasons why you need this technique. It requires root access on your Android smartphone. Here you’ll learn, how to share your PC’s internet connection with your Android phone over USB. You need this when,

* You don’t have a WIF modem, or your PC doesn’t have any WIFI adapter
* You don’t want to spend money for a mobile data plans
* You want a stable and faster Internet connection than WIFI
* You want your Android charged while using Internet

2) You’ll have to enable USB debugging on that device. To do that, go to Settings >> Developer options >> USB Debugging >> Turn On.

3) Disable SuperUser access notifications. To do that, open the SuperSU app, open Settings and uncheck the “Show notifications” option

4) Download Android Reverse Tethering Tool (Scroll down and download the latest one)

Android Reverse Tethering tool is a free windows utility that makes use of ADB to share your Computer’s internet connection with your android phone over an USB data cable.

1. Open the downloaded and run the “AndroidTool.exe” file.
2. Plug your Android device into your computer with its USB cable, select it from the “Select a device” drop-down box, and click on the Connect button.
3. It will connect with your Android device and install the required application in it.
4. After that, it’ll be prompted for root access for USB Tunnel tool on your device. Simply tap on Allow button.
5. It takes a few seconds to get Internet access on your phone.

If you experience a crash, close the Android Reverse Tethering Tool and start it again. In some cases, Google Chrome can’t able to access the Internet, but other browsers don’t have any problem.

I hope you got some ideas on how to use reverse tethering without rooting Android on Windows PC. In case, you are facing any issue regarding the tutorial, the share here. We’ll try to solve it.

Using your android mobile as a modem for your laptop or any other device is called tethering. Tethering can be done in most of the smartphones and it will be helpful when you don’t have your modem with you when you are not in home. Android mobiles are also not an exception for that. Before starting with the guide, i like to recommend you another article “How to Root your Android Mobile Phone” to make sure your android phone rooting has been done.

Also Read, mSpy Review – Best Mobile Monitoring and Spy Software for Android and iPhone.

WiFi Tethering for Root users

Android WiFi Tether is an app used in transforming your android phone as modem in root enabled mobiles. In linux you all know that root user have all the privileges in modifying the system files and everything. Similar to linux, android too have the root user access in order to modify the system functionality. So before tethering you need to root your android mobile.

Steps to convert android as modem
1. After rooting your android mobile install the android wifi tether app. You can download the app from here.

2. In the downloading site you will find the specific app for your mobile phone also you will find the status of the app whether it is stable or not.

3. After installing the app use your mobile as modem from WiFi or Bluetooth.

4. The app you install supports 2G/3G/4G for the root enable mobiles.

5. If your android phone is not available on the list then you need to go for the second method which I described below.

6. Here the video to explain the process of tethering your android mobile using .

[youtube width=”550″ height=”350″]/watch?v=xpUaUUGDllg[/youtube]

WiFi Tethering for non-root users
If you don’t want to root your android phone and immediately need to tether your android mobile go for proxoid. It is an android app which helps in tethering your android phone also no rooting required. Proxoid acts as a HTTP proxy and turns your android mobile into a proxy server which is helpful in making internet requests from your computer. You need android sdk to use proxoid in your system also you need to configure your browser settings in accordance with proxy address.

1. First you need to install proxoid in your android mobile. You can download the app from android market

2. Then tap the button to start the proxy server from your mobile phone.

3. If you are using Mac OS X enter the command in terminal or if you are an windows user run the batch file to use the proxy.

4. Then set the same proxy address in your web browser to use internet.

5. You need Android SDK if you end up with any configuration issues in your operating system.

Note: In my point of view it is preferable to tether your android mobile from the root user mode and follow the first method. The process is very simple and less risky. You can try the second method too if you need to explore your android mobile. Its quite complex and involves some more risk as compared to the first one. So its your choice to decide which one is your cup of tea.

In some of the android mobiles you can find the WiFi hotspot app is available inbuilt and you don’t need root user privilege to convert your phone as modem. So check in android market or check with Google that your phone is compatible with those kind of simple apps. If it is then you can go for such simple apps or else you need to follow the above said methods.

Thanks for reading. Hope my article helps you here after in using your android mobile as a modem. Feel free to post your doubts and suggestions about my article in the comment box.

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We all would love to use our Android Phone as a wireless modem. The 3G or 4G connection boasted on the phone is a sweet way to get access to the wonderful internet. In this post we discover the various available methods of tethering your Android phone.

Earlier, we witnessed Google citing distribution agreements with Carriers as they removed Android apps that enable tethering from the Android Market.

A caveat: various carriers have been perceived unhappy to let you tether your Android phone. They, in some cases, would prefer to issue you a nominal fee or even string you if they discover you are doing it. Please, read the fine print of your carrier’s wireless usage agreement before proceeding.

We split the tethering process into two parts – 1) Using rooting 2) Without rooting. These may or may not involve money. Whilst some methods are heavy, some are easy going. We are covering both paid and unpaid methods for you.

Method 1: Let’s begin with the tough and risky one first – Rooting. This option is meant for geeks primarily. It can lead to bricking your phone. We here at Android Authority are not responsible for any kind of damage to your handset.

This is a two-step process – Installing android-wifi-tether after rooting your phone. Gaining root access to your Android involves installing an unofficial Android add-on.

You can read the detailed procedure for rooting your Android phone here.

This was it – Boast your phone as a MiFi now. The mobile Wi-Fi hotspot is enabled on your device. The best part about this method is it’s free. The hassles include sacrificing Over the Air(OTA) Updates. Extreme care needs to be engaged in this aforementioned method.

Method 2.1 – A proxy server is used for making internet requests by your computer. Now, we will tether Android with Proxoid – a free application on the Android Market that turns your device into a proxy server. You will need to use a command line for using this method. But, it’s not so bad.

First up please download the app aforementioned above. Next, you need to install device drivers aka Android SDK onto your computer. The pre-final step is pinching few settings. Now, the final step involves a small configuration of your browser whenever you want to use your Android phone as a Wifi Hotspot. Here are the installation instructions.

Whenever you wish to tether – just tap the start button on Proxoid. Simultaneously, you will need to run a batch file on Windows OS and enter a command in the terminal in Mac OS to start the tunnel.

But, for every tether you will repetitively need to set your web browser to use this proxy. This is a con of this method besides installing Android SDK which is also not highly recommended.

We feel this is then also a suitable method for tethering as it’s free and comparatively easy to all others.

Well, folks you may jump into the middle and get your hands dirty as we elucidated above. This may lead to falling flat on your face, or skipping facing the music and choosing to pay. So, you may need to spend some dollars for a fully-fun unrestricted internet access on your PC in the routine below.

Method 2.2 – We will now be dealing with tethering using another app – PDAnet. You will need to install some simple software on your machine as well so your computer and android device can properly communicate. This method is by far rated the quickest and easiest to use Android application. You will need minimal setup to get tethering working in a few minutes with your dear Android.

The minimal setup is adjusting a little setting on your Android phone. Please, tap over your phone’s menu key and navigate to Development passing through Applications and Settings. Next, check through the ‘USB debugging’ box and press OK on the appearance of confirmation box. What this does is allowing PDANet to stream data from your phone to your PC directly. As a precaution please turn this off when you are done with tethering.

If your computer boasts Bluetooth, you can connect to your wirelessly instead of the USB.

PDAnet is available for free access as well. But, this will unfortunately block the https ports. If you wish to gain unbridled access please pay $23.95 for single license. Whenever you need to access the internet via your phone tap two buttons – Start on PDAnet on the phone and Connect in the PDAnet software on your PC. That’s all that’s required by you.

As you scrolled through all the three methods we think you must be restless to choose one of the possibilities and start tethering. So, what are you waiting for? Apply one of the methods above and drop us a line on how it feels to tether through whatever you choose.


Jos matkapuhelinpalveluntarjoajan mobiilipotentiaali / -yhteensopivuus on liian kallis, ohita ne ja kiinnitä puhelin tietokoneellesi ilman, että laskut kuukausittain. Lue lisää siitä, miten voit saada maksuttoman langattoman Internetin.

Olemme äskettäin saaneet How-To Geek -lehdeltä kirjeen, jossa pyydettiin apua heidän Android-puhelimensa liittämiseen kannettavaan tietokoneeseensa, jotta vältettäisiin moottoritien ryöstäminen, jonka heidän matkapuhelinoperaattori vaatii:

Dear How-To Geek,

I recently found out that my cellphone company charges $30 a month to use your smartphone as a data modem. That’s an outrageous price when I already pay an extra $15 a month charge just because they insist that because I have a smartphone I need a data plan because I’ll be using so much more data than other users. They expect me to pay what amounts to a $45 a month premium just to do some occasional surfing and email checking from the comfort of my laptop instead of the much smaller smartphone screen! Surely there is a work around? I’m running Windows 7 on my laptop and I have an Android phone running Android OS 2.2. Help!

No Double Dipping!

No Double Dipping, tämä on tunne, johon voimme liittyä voimakkaasti siihen moniin meistä henkilöstöstä on samankaltaisessa tilanteessa. On järjetöntä, että niin monet yritykset veloittavat sinut käyttämään tietoliikennettä puhelimessa, jonka maksat jo. Kaistanleveyden käyttö ei ole erilainen, jos lähetät Pandoraa esimerkiksi puhelimeesi tai kannettavaan tietokoneeseen.

Onneksi meillä on ratkaisu sinulle. Se ei ole vapaata olutta, mutta se maksaa vain 16 dollaria, joka pelkästään ensimmäisen käyttövuoden aikana säästää 344 dollaria. Aloitetaan!

Mitä tarvitset
Jotta voit kytkeä puhelimesi kannettavaan tietokoneeseesi datamodeemiksi ilman, että sinun on käynnistettävä laite, tarvitset seuraavat asiat:

* Android-puhelimesi
* Kannettava tietokone, netbook tai pöytätietokone, jonka haluat kiinnittää
* USB-synkronointikaapeli Android-puhelimeesi
* Kopio PdaNetista Android-puhelimellasi
* Kopio PdaNet-tietokoneesta

PdaNet maksaa 15,95 dollaria ja mukana on ilmainen kokeilu. Voit käyttää sitä loputtomiin, mutta kokeilun päätyttyä et enää voi käydä turvallisissa verkkosivustoissa. Jos käytät vain jalkapistoketjua, kun olet löytänyt tauon töissä, silloin et välttämättä tarvitse päivittää. Sähköpostisi, pankkisivustojen, ostosten ja muiden suojattujen sovellusten tarkistaminen on kuitenkin enemmän kuin sen arvoinen päivittää lisenssi.

Huomautus: Vaikka käytämme Android-laitetta ja Windows-laitetta tälle opetusohjelmalle, PdaNet on käytettävissä monenlaisille laitteille. Voit saada PdaNetin mobiilikomponentin Android-puhelimille, iPhone-laitteille, BlackBerries-laitteille, Windows Mobile -puhelimille ja jopa Palm OS: lle. Työpöydän komponentti on käytettävissä sekä Windows että Mac OS X: ssä. Seuraavat asennusvaiheet on helppo kääntää mobiili- ja työpöytäkomponenttien eri yhdistelmien kesken.

PdaNetin asentaminen Android-laitteellesi

Ensinnäkin etsi Android Market for PdaNet (jos olet utelias, miksi hakutuloksissa on päällekkäisiä kopioita Market-haussa, se on mysteeri, joka on paras Googlen insinööreille). Jos sinulla on samankaltaisia ​​nimiä tulevia sovelluksia, varmista, että asennat ne kesäkuulta Fabrics Technology Inc: stä.

Siirry eteenpäin ja suorita sovellus sen jälkeen, kun se on asennettu.

Ota se käyttöön valitsemalla Ota käyttöön USB-liitäntä. Voit myös tehdä langattoman yhteyden Bluetooth-yhteydellä, mutta emme ohita sitä nyt. Bluetooth voi olla niin hienovaraista, ettemme halua sinun joutua alas yrittäessä selvittää, miksi Bluetooth-yhteys toimii. Kun otat sen käyttöön ensimmäistä kertaa, se kehottaa sinua, kuten viimeisessä paneelissa on, ladata työpöytäohjelmisto. Tämä on kätevää silloin, kun olet juuttunut ilman internetiä, mutta internet puhelimessa ja sinun on ladattava ja siirrettävä sovellus tietokoneellesi. Meidän tapauksessamme napsautimme Ei, koska määrittelemässämme tietokoneessa on jo internetyhteys ja voimme ladata työpöytäsovelluksen tällä tavalla.

PdaNetin asennus työpöydälle

Työpöytäohjelmiston asentaminen on melko epävirallista eikä vaadi kokoonpanoa. On kuitenkin olemassa muutamia asioita, joihin kannattaa varoa.

Jos sinulla on Android Deveopment työkalupakki tietokoneellasi (kuten ehkä olette noudattaneet oppaasi kaukosäätimellä ja Android-puhelimesi katselemisessa), tulet kahteen mahdolliseen virheeseen. Jos abd.exe on käynnissä sinun täytyy tappaa prosessi Tehtävienhallinnalla. Saat myös ilmoituksen, että tietokoneeseen on asennettu jo Android-ohjaimet. Jos epäilet, kirjoittele ohjaimet uusilla PdaNet-ohjelmistolla varmistaaksesi, että voit muodostaa internetyhteyden oikein. Asennuksen jälkeen näet PdaNet-kuvakkeen kulmassa.

Sen pitäisi kytkeytyä automaattisesti, kun kytket puhelimeen (USB-yhteyden ollessa käytössä) tietokoneeseen. Jos se ei ole, napsauta hiiren kakkospainikkeella kuvaketta ja valitse Yhdistä Internet. Menestys!

Onko Android-hakkeri jakamaan? Kuulkaa siitä kommentit. Haluatko tietää, miten voit tehdä jotain Android-puhelimellasi? Haluamme myös kuulla siitä.

* Hlavní 
* Jak 
* Jak používat telefon Android jako modem; Není vyžadováno zakořenění

Pokud jsou vaše mobilní hotspot / tethering mobilní operátoři příliš drahé, přeskočte je a propojte telefon s počítačem, aniž byste nafoukli svůj měsíční účet. Přečtěte si o tom, jak můžete skóre zdarma mobilního internetu.

Nedávno jsme obdrželi dopis od čtenáře How-To Geek s žádostí o pomoc při propojení telefonu s Androidem do svého notebooku, aby se zabránilo loupežním cestám, které jejich mobilní poskytovatel trvá na:

Dear How-To Geek,

I recently found out that my cellphone company charges $30 a month to use your smartphone as a data modem. That’s an outrageous price when I already pay an extra $15 a month charge just because they insist that because I have a smartphone I need a data plan because I’ll be using so much more data than other users. They expect me to pay what amounts to a $45 a month premium just to do some occasional surfing and email checking from the comfort of my laptop instead of the much smaller smartphone screen! Surely there is a work around? I’m running Windows 7 on my laptop and I have an Android phone running Android OS 2.2. Help!

No Double Dipping!

Dobře dvojité ponoření, to je sentiment, který můžeme silně souviset s tím, že mnozí z nás zaměstnanců jsou v podobné situaci. Je absurdní, že tolik společností vás naúčtuje za použití datového připojení na telefonu, za který již platíte. Neexistuje žádný rozdíl v používání šířky pásma, pokud streamujete Pandoru například do telefonu nebo do vašeho notebooku.

Naštěstí máme pro vás řešení. Není to volné pivo, ale stojí jen 16 dolarů, což vám ušetří pouze 344 dolarů za první rok používání. Začněme!

Co budete potřebovat
Chcete-li svůj telefon připojit k notebooku jako datový modem, aniž byste museli root zařízení, budete potřebovat následující věci:

* Telefon s Androidem
* Váš notebook, netbook nebo stolní počítač, který chcete přivázat
* Synchronní kabel USB pro telefon Android
* Kopie aplikace PdaNet pro telefon Android
* Kopie programu PdaNet pro váš počítač

PdaNet stojí 15,95 dolarů a přichází s bezplatnou zkušební verzí. Můžete ji používat neurčitě, ale po ukončení zkušební doby již nebudete moci navštěvovat zabezpečené weby. Pokud právě používáte vazbu, abyste se v práci přestěhovali, možná nebudete muset upgradovat. Pro kontrolu vašeho e-mailu, bankovních webových stránek, nákupů a dalších bezpečných aplikací je však víc, než si je vyplatíte pro upgrade své licence.

Poznámka: Přestože používáme zařízení Android a počítač se systémem Windows pro tento výukový program, PdaNet je k dispozici pro různá zařízení. Můžete získat mobilní komponentu PdaNet pro telefony Android, iPhone, BlackBerries, Windows Mobile a dokonce i Palm OS. Komponenta pro stolní počítače je k dispozici pro Windows i Mac OS X. Následující kroky nastavení by se měly snadno překládat v různých kombinacích mobilních a desktopových komponent.

Instalace aplikace PdaNet na zařízení Android

Nejprve vyhledejte službu Android Market pro PdaNet (pokud jste zvědaví, proč existují duplicitní kopie výsledků vyhledávání v našem vyhledávacím dotazu na trhu, je to tajemství nejlépe ponecháno inženýrům společnosti Google). Pokud máte zájem o budoucí aplikace s podobným názvem, ujistěte se, že jste nainstalovali ten, který je od společnosti June Fabrics Technology Inc.

Po dokončení instalace spusťte aplikaci a spusťte ji.

Klepnutím na tlačítko “Povolit USB Tether” jej zapněte. Můžete také provést bezdrátové propojení pomocí technologie Bluetooth, ale nyní ji přeskočíme. Bluetooth může být tak pečlivě, že nechceme, abyste se dostali do bot a snažili jste se zjistit, proč se vaše spojení Bluetooth zvedá. Když ji poprvé aktivujete, vyzve vás, jak je vidět na posledním panelu, stáhnout stahovací software. To je užitečné pro dobu, po kterou jste uvízli bez jakéhokoli internetu, ale internet v telefonu a je třeba stáhnout a přenést aplikaci do počítače. V našem případě jsme klikli na Ne, protože počítač, který konfigurujeme, má přístup k internetu a můžeme stáhnout aplikaci pro stolní počítače takto.

Instalace aplikace PdaNet na plochu

Instalace softwaru desktopu je poměrně bezproblémová a nevyžaduje konfiguraci. Existuje však několik věcí, na které je třeba dbát.

Pokud máte v počítači nainstalovanou sadu nástrojů Android Deveopment (jak jste možná měli, pokud budete postupovat spolu s návodem k dálkovému ovládání a zobrazování telefonu Android), narazíte na dvě potenciální chyby. Pokud je spuštěn soubor abd.exe, musíte pomocí Správce úloh ukončit proces. Dostanete také oznámení, že v počítači jsou nainstalovány ovladače systému Android. Pokud máte pochybnosti, přepsat ovladače s novými z PdaNet, abyste se ujistili, že se můžete připojit k internetu správně. Po instalaci se v rohu zobrazí ikona PdaNet.

Měl by se automaticky připojit, když telefon připojujete (s povoleným tetherem USB) do počítače. Pokud tomu tak není, klikněte pravým tlačítkem na ikonu a vyberte Připojte Internet. Úspěch!

Chcete sdílet Android hack? Slyšíme o tom v komentářích. Chcete vědět, jak na telefonu Android dělat něco? Chtěli bychom o tom také slyšet.

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Please read all of this before responding. You will not be helping when you show a clear misunderstanding of my question.

I do not need a data plan. Everywhere I go has Wi-Fi, and I am perfectly content to not have internet connectivity in the event that I don’t have Wi-Fi. What I want to know is if I can buy a phone from a store (not from Verizon or a contract renewal) and replace my current phone with it without needing a data plan. There is NO software/hardware reason why I couldn’t, and the only reason I would need to is as a Verizon requirement.

As an additional question, if Verizon doesn’t allow it, is there any workaround?

I want an android phone not to have ubiquitous connection to social media. I want an android phone to have platform to run software on in addition to making/receiving calls and text messages. I would not utilize a data plan and it would be a waste of money.

Can I use an Android phone that I buy from a retailer on my Verizon plan without adding data? There’s no hardware or software reason why I need a data plan, and there IS a point to having a smart phone without a data plan: Wi-Fi. I don’t need to have redundant internet access. The only reason conceivable for why I’d need a data plan is because Verizon wants more money for no additional service (I wouldn’t USE connectivity provided by a data plan). I don’t want to have a mobile platform for running software and a phone filling my pockets, I’d like it to be in one. All the connectivity I need is for calls and text messaging.

Users of the Verizon Wireless Community agree not to upload, post, or otherwise transmit any content (including but not limited to text, links, communications, software, images, sounds, data, or other information) that includes any of the following inappropriate content:

* Posts that describe how to violate any Verizon Wireless or Verizon Wireless policy or term or condition are considered unacceptable will have the offensive language deleted.
* Posts that discuss hacking and/or rooting a wireless device from any carrier will be removed.


Jika rencana hotspot / tethering seluler penyedia seluler Anda terlalu mahal, lewati dan tambatkan ponsel ke komputer tanpa menggelembungkan tagihan bulanan Anda. Baca terus untuk mengetahui bagaimana Anda dapat menilai internet seluler gratis.

Baru-baru ini kami menerima surat dari pembaca How-To Geek, yang meminta bantuan untuk menghubungkan ponsel Android mereka ke laptop mereka untuk menghindari perampokan di jalan raya yang dipegang oleh penyedia seluler mereka:

Dear How-To Geek,

I recently found out that my cellphone company charges $30 a month to use your smartphone as a data modem. That’s an outrageous price when I already pay an extra $15 a month charge just because they insist that because I have a smartphone I need a data plan because I’ll be using so much more data than other users. They expect me to pay what amounts to a $45 a month premium just to do some occasional surfing and email checking from the comfort of my laptop instead of the much smaller smartphone screen! Surely there is a work around? I’m running Windows 7 on my laptop and I have an Android phone running Android OS 2.2. Help!

No Double Dipping!

Baik Dipping Ganda, ini adalah sentimen yang sangat terkait dengan kami karena banyak dari staf kami berada dalam situasi yang sama. Sangat tidak masuk akal bahwa banyak perusahaan membebankan Anda untuk menggunakan koneksi data di ponsel yang sudah Anda bayar. Tidak ada perbedaan dalam penggunaan lebar pita jika Anda mengalirkan Pandora ke ponsel atau ke laptop Anda, misalnya.

Untungnya kami punya solusi untuk Anda. Ini bukan gratis-bir tetapi harganya hanya $ 16 yang, selama tahun pertama penggunaan saja, akan menghemat $ 344. Mari kita mulai!

Apa yang Anda Butuhkan
Untuk menambatkan ponsel ke laptop Anda sebagai modem data, tanpa harus melakukan root pada perangkat Anda, Anda memerlukan hal-hal berikut di tangan:

* Ponsel Android Anda
* Laptop, netbook, atau komputer desktop yang ingin Anda tautkan
* Kabel sinkronisasi USB untuk ponsel Android Anda
* Salinan PdaNet untuk Ponsel Android Anda
* Salinan PdaNet untuk komputer Anda

PdaNet biaya $ 15,95 dan datang dengan uji coba gratis. Anda dapat terus menggunakannya tanpa batas tetapi setelah uji coba berakhir Anda tidak akan lagi dapat mengunjungi situs web aman. Jika Anda hanya menggunakan tambatan untuk bersenang-senang saat istirahat di tempat kerja, Anda mungkin tidak perlu melakukan peningkatan. Untuk memeriksa email Anda, situs web perbankan, belanja, dan aplikasi aman lainnya namun lebih dari itu untuk meningkatkan lisensi Anda.

catatan: Meskipun kami menggunakan perangkat Android dan mesin Windows untuk tutorial ini, PdaNet tersedia untuk beragam perangkat. Anda bisa mendapatkan komponen ponsel PdaNet untuk ponsel Android, iPhone, BlackBerries, ponsel Windows Mobile, dan bahkan Palm OS. Komponen desktop tersedia untuk Windows dan Mac OS X. Langkah-langkah penyiapan berikut akan dengan mudah diterjemahkan di berbagai kombinasi komponen seluler dan desktop.

Memasang PdaNet di Perangkat Android Anda

Pertama, telusuri Pasar Android untuk PdaNet (jika Anda ingin tahu mengapa ada salinan duplikat hasil penelusuran di penelusuran Pasar kami, itu adalah misteri yang paling baik diserahkan kepada insinyur Google). Jika ada aplikasi masa depan dengan nama yang mirip, pastikan untuk memasangnya dari June Fabrics Technology Inc.

Lanjutkan dan jalankan aplikasi setelah selesai menginstal.

Ketuk “Aktifkan USB Tether” untuk menyalakannya. Anda juga dapat melakukan penambatan nirkabel menggunakan Bluetooth tetapi kami melewatkannya untuk saat ini. Bluetooth bisa jadi sangat rewel kami tidak ingin Anda terperosok dalam mencoba mencari tahu mengapa koneksi Bluetooth Anda berulah. Saat Anda mengaktifkannya untuk pertama kalinya, ia akan meminta Anda, seperti yang terlihat di panel terakhir, untuk mengunduh perangkat lunak desktop. Ini berguna untuk saat-saat Anda terjebak tanpa internet apa pun tetapi internet di ponsel Anda dan perlu mengunduh dan mentransfer aplikasi ke komputer Anda. Dalam kasus kami, kami mengeklik Tidak, karena komputer yang kami konfigurasikan sudah memiliki akses internet dan kami dapat mengunduh aplikasi desktop seperti itu.

Memasang PdaNet di Desktop Anda

Menginstal perangkat lunak desktop cukup lancar dan tidak memerlukan konfigurasi. Namun ada beberapa hal yang harus diperhatikan.

Jika Anda memiliki toolkit Android Deveopment di komputer Anda (seperti yang Anda miliki jika Anda mengikuti panduan kami untuk mengendalikan dan melihat ponsel Android Anda dari jarak jauh) Anda akan mengalami dua potensi kesalahan. Jika abd.exe berjalan Anda harus mematikan proses dengan Task Manager. Anda juga akan mendapat notifikasi bahwa ada driver Android yang sudah terpasang di komputer. Jika ragu menimpa driver dengan yang baru dari PdaNet untuk memastikan Anda dapat terhubung ke internet dengan benar. Setelah instalasi, Anda akan melihat ikon PdaNet di sudut.

Ini harus secara otomatis terhubung ketika Anda mencolokkan ponsel Anda (dengan tethering USB diaktifkan) ke komputer Anda. Jika tidak, klik kanan pada ikon dan pilih Hubungkan Internet. Keberhasilan!

Miliki peretasan Android untuk dibagikan? Kita akan mendengarnya di komentar. Ingin tahu cara melakukan sesuatu di ponsel Android Anda? Kami ingin mendengar tentang itu juga.

* Tips
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* Telefon

* Vigtigste 
* Hvordan 
* Sådan bruger du din Android-telefon som modem Ingen rooting kræves

Hvis din mobiludbyders mobile hotspot / tethering-planer er for dyr, skal du springe dem og binde din telefon til din computer uden at opblæste din månedlige regning. Læs videre for at se, hvordan du kan score gratis mobilt internet.

Vi har for nylig modtaget et brev fra en How-To Geek-læser og anmodet om hjælp til at forbinde deres Android-telefon til deres bærbare computer for at undgå highway røveriet, hvor deres mobiludbyder insisterede på:

Dear How-To Geek,

I recently found out that my cellphone company charges $30 a month to use your smartphone as a data modem. That’s an outrageous price when I already pay an extra $15 a month charge just because they insist that because I have a smartphone I need a data plan because I’ll be using so much more data than other users. They expect me to pay what amounts to a $45 a month premium just to do some occasional surfing and email checking from the comfort of my laptop instead of the much smaller smartphone screen! Surely there is a work around? I’m running Windows 7 on my laptop and I have an Android phone running Android OS 2.2. Help!

No Double Dipping!

Godt Double Dipping, dette er en følelse, vi kan stærkt relateret til, hvor mange af os på personale er i en lignende situation. Det er absurd at så mange virksomheder opkræver dig for at bruge dataforbindelsen på den telefon, du allerede betaler for. Der er ingen forskel i båndbreddebrug, hvis du streamer Pandora til din telefon eller til din bærbare computer, for eksempel.

Heldigvis har vi en løsning til dig. Det er ikke gratis-som-i-øl, men det koster kun $ 16, som i løbet af det første års brug alene vil spare dig for $ 344. Lad os komme igang!

Hvad du skal bruge
For at binde din telefon til din bærbare computer som et datamodem, uden at du skal rotere din enhed, skal du have følgende ting til rådighed:

* Din Android-telefon
* Din bærbare computer, netbook eller stationære computer, du ønsker at binde
* Et USB-synkroniseringskabel til din Android-telefon
* En kopi af PdaNet til din Android-telefon
* En kopi af PdaNet til din computer

PdaNet koster $ 15,95 og leveres med en gratis prøveperiode. Du kan fortsætte med at bruge det på ubestemt tid, men efter afslutningen af ​​forsøget vil du ikke længere kunne besøge sikre websteder. Hvis du bare bruger tetheren til at gå ud på din pause på arbejdspladsen, må du måske aldrig opgradere. For at kontrollere din e-mail, bankwebsites, shopping og andre sikre applikationer er det dog mere end værd at opgradere din licens.

Bemærk: Selvom vi bruger en Android-enhed og en Windows-maskine til denne vejledning, er PdaNet tilgængelig for en bred vifte af enheder. Du kan få den mobile komponent i PdaNet til Android-telefoner, iPhones, BlackBerries, Windows Mobile-telefoner og endda Palm OS. Skrivebordskomponenten er tilgængelig til både Windows og Mac OS X. Følgende installations trin skal nemt oversættes over de forskellige kombinationer af mobile og stationære komponenter.

Installation af PdaNet på din Android-enhed

Først skal du søge i Android Market for PdaNet (hvis du er nysgerrig, hvorfor der er dobbelt kopier af søgeresultaterne i vores Markedsøgning, det er et mysterium, der bedst er overladt til Google-ingeniører). På chancen for at der er fremtidige applikationer med et tilsvarende navn, skal du sørge for at installere den fra juni Fabrics Technology Inc.

Fortsæt og kør programmet, når det er færdigt med at installere.

Tryk på “Aktivér USB Tether” for at tænde den. Du kan også gøre en trådløs tether ved hjælp af Bluetooth, men vi hopper over det for nu. Bluetooth kan være så fint, vi ønsker ikke, at du bliver slået ned for at finde ud af, hvorfor din Bluetooth-forbindelse fungerer. Når du aktiverer det for første gang, vil det bede dig om, som det ses i det sidste panel, at downloade desktop-softwaren. Dette er praktisk for de gange, du sidder fast uden internet, men internettet på din telefon og skal downloade og overføre applikationen til din computer. I vores tilfælde har vi klikket Nej, da den computer, vi konfigurerer allerede har internetadgang, og vi kan hente desktop-appen på den måde.

Installation af PdaNet på dit skrivebord

Installation af desktop-softwaren er ret uhåndterlig og kræver ingen konfiguration. Der er dog et par ting at passe på.

Hvis du har Android Deveopment toolkit på din computer (som du måske har, hvis du fulgte med vores guide til fjernstyring og visning af din Android-telefon), løber du i to potentielle fejl. Hvis abd.exe kører, skal du dræbe processen med Task Manager. Du får også en meddelelse om, at der allerede er installeret Android-drivere på computeren. Hvis du er i tvivl, overskriv driverne med de nye fra PdaNet for at sikre, at du kan oprette forbindelse til internettet korrekt. Efter installationen ses PdaNet-ikonet i hjørnet.

Den skal forbinde automatisk, når du tilslutter din telefon (med USB-tethering aktiveret) til din computer. Hvis det ikke gør det, skal du højreklikke på ikonet og vælge Tilslut internet. Succes!

Har en Android hack at dele? Lad os høre om det i kommentarerne. Vil du vide, hvordan du gør noget på din Android-telefon? Vi vil også høre om det.