List Of Compatible Smartphones

Not sure what models are supported by your smartphone? Easy!
We’d carefully sourced the specs of all major phone manufacturers and listed the results below.
So please check the following spreadsheet to figure out which version fits best.

ManufacturerModelV2.0 modelsV3.1VR Slim™V2.1AppleiPhone 6s PlusAppleiPhone 6sAppleiPhone 7AppleiPhone 7 PlusAppleiPhone 8 PlusSamsungGalaxy S4SamsungGalaxy S4 CDMASamsungGalaxy S4 Active LTE-ASamsungGalaxy S4 ActiveSamsungGalaxy Note IISamsungGalaxy Note II CDMASamsungGalaxy S IIISamsungGalaxy S III CDMASamsungGalaxy S III T999SamsungGalaxy S III 1747SamsungGalaxy A5 (2017)SamsungGalaxy S7 EdgeSamsungGalaxy S7SamsungGalaxy A3 (2017)SamsungGalaxy C5 ProSamsungGalaxy S6SamsungGalaxy S6 EdgeSamsungGalaxy S5SamsungGalaxy S5 OctacoreSamsungGalaxy S5 ActiveSamsungGalaxy S5 PlusSamsungGalaxy S5 DuosSamsungGalaxy S5 LTE -ASamsungGalaxy J7 (2017)SamsungGalaxy Note EdgeSamsungGalaxy AlphaSamsungGalaxy Note 3 NeoSamsungGalaxy K ZoomSamsungGalaxy S5 NeoSamsungGalaxy S6 ActiveSonyXperia XZ PremiumSonyXperia XZSonyXperia XSonyXperia XZsSonyXperia Z5SonyXperia Z5 PremiumSonyXperia Z3 +SonyXperia X PerformanceSonyXperia Z3SonyXperia Z3 DualSonyXperia Z2SonyXperia Z1SonyXperia Z1 SSonyXperia ZLSonyXperia ZSonyXperia Z2aSonyXperia Z3 + DualSonyXperia Z5 DualXiaomiRedmi Note 4XiaomiRedmi 4 (4x)XiaomiRedmi 4aXiaomiMi 6XiaomiRedmi 4 (China)XiaomiMi 5 XiaomiRedmi Note 3XiaomiRedmi 4 PrimeXiaomiRedmi Note 4 XXiaomiRedmi 3sXiaomiRedmi 3s PrimeXiaomiMi 5sXiaomiMi 5cXiaomiRedmi ProXiaomiRedmi 3XiaomiRedmi 3 ProXiaomiRedmi 2XiaomiMi 3XiaomiMi 4iXiaomiRedmi Note 2XiaomiMi 4cXiaomiRedmi 2 PrimeXiaomiRedmi 3 xXiaomiMi 4XiaomiRedmi NoteXiaomiRedmi Note 4 GXiaomiMi 4 LTEXiaomiRedmi 2 ProHuaweiHonor 3HuaweiP10HuaweiP10 PlusHuaweiHonor 8HuaweiP9 HuaweiNova 2 PlusHuaweiNova 2HuaweiMate 9 ProHuaweiP8HuaweiHonor 7HuaweiHonor 6HuaweiAscend P6HuaweiAscend D2HuaweiHonor 3X G750 HuaweiMate SHuaweiHonor 6 PlusHtcU11Htc10HtcDesire 10 ProHtcOneHtcOne M9HtcOne M8HtcOne A9HtcOne X9HtcOne M9+HtcOne E9+HtcDesire EyeHtcButterflyHtcButterfly SHtcButterfly 2HtcDROID DNAHtcOne E8Htc One MENokia6 (2018)Nokia5Nokia3NokiaLumia 930LgG5LgX VentureLgG4LgNexus 4LgNexus 5LgNexus 5XLgOptimus LTE2LgG2LgG3LgG3 LTE-ALgGX F310LLgOptimus LTE2LgOptimus GLgOptimus G ProLgOptimus G LS970LgOptimus G E970LgOptimus GJ E975WLgVU 3 F300LLgG Flex 2LenovoK6 NoteLenovoP2LenovoK6 PowerLenovoK5 NoteLenovoVibe X S960LenovoVibe X3LenovoVibe Z2LenovoVibe K4 NoteLenovoZUK Z1LenovoA7000 PlusLenovoZUK Z2MotorolaMoto G5 PlusMotorolaMoto G5MotorolaMoto Z2 PlayMotorolaMoto G4 PlusMotorolaMoto Z PlayMotorolaMoto G4MotorolaMoto MMotorolaMoto ZMotorolaDROID MaxxMotorolaDROID UltraMotorolaDROID TurboMotorolaDROID Turbo 2MotorolaMoto XMotorolaMot X ForceOneplus3TOneplusOneOneplus3Oneplus2OneplusXOneplusN3 OppoR9sOppoFind 5OppoFind 7OppoFind 7aVivoV3VivoX5VivoXshotVivoX5 MaxGooglePixelGooglePixel XLBlackberryPrivBlackberryZ30CoolpadCool 1 DualAsusPadfone SAsusPadfone 2AsusPadfone InfinityAsusPadfone Infinity 2AsusZenfone 3AsusZenfone 3 MaxAsusZenfone 3 ZoomAsusZenfone 2AsusZenfone SelfieAsusZenfone 2 LaserAsusZenfone 2 DeluxeMeizuM5MeizuM2 NoteMeizuMX3MeizuMX4MeizuM1 NoteMeizuMX4 ProLeecoLe 2MicrosoftLumia 950GioneeElife S5.5GioneeElife E7GioneeElife E6ZteGeek V975ZteNubia Z5AppleiPhone 8Apple’iPhone X **’AsusZenfone 4 MaxAsusZenfone 4 Max ProAsus’Zenfone 5**’BlackberryMotionGioneeA1Gionee’S11S **’Gionee’S11 **’Gionee’M7 **’Gionee’M6s Plus **’GooglePixel 2Google’Pixel 2 XL **’HtcU PlayHtcU11 LifeHtc’U11 Plus **’Htc’U11 Eyes **’HuaweiP10 LiteHuaweiHonor 9HuaweiY7Huawei’P20 Pro **’Huawei’P20 Lite **’Huawei’Honor 10 **’Huawei’P20 **’Huawei’Y9 (2018) **’Huawei’Mate 10 Pro **’Huawei’Honor View 10 **’Huawei’Mate 10**’Huawei’Mate RS Porsche Design**’Huawei’Nova 2s**’HuaweiMate 10 Porsche DesignLenovoK8 PlusLgQ6Lg’V30**’Lg’V30S ThinQ**’Meizu15Meizu’15 Plus**’Meizu’E3**’MotorolaMoto G5S PlusMotorolaMoto X4MotorolaMoto G5SMotorolaMoto Z2 ForceMotorolaMoto G6 PlusNokia8Nokia8 SiroccoNokia7Nokia’7 Plus**’Oneplus5Oneplus’5T**’OppoR11Oppo’A3**’Oppo’F3 Plus**’Oppo’R11s**’Oppo’R11 Plus**’SamsungGalaxy J7 ProSamsungGalaxy J5 (2017)SamsungGalaxy A8 (2018)SamsungGalaxy A8 (2018)SamsungGalaxy C7(2017)SamsungGalaxy C5 ProSamsungGalaxy J7 VSamsung’Galaxy S8**’Samsung’Galaxy S9+ **’Samsung’Galaxy S9 **’Samsung’Galaxy A8+ (2018)**’Samsung’Galaxy S8 Active**’ SonyXperia XZ2 CompactSonyXperia XZ1Sony’Xperia XZ2 Premium**’Vivo’Y71**’Vivo’V7+ **’Vivo’X20**’VivoV5 PlusXiaomiMi A1XiaomiRedmi Y1 (Note 5A) XiaomiRedmi Y1 LiteXiaomi’Mi A2 (Mi 6X) **’Xiaomi’Redmi Note 5 Pro**’Xiaomi’Redmi Note 5**’ Xiaomi’Black Shark **’Xiaomi’Mi Mix 2s **’Xiaomi’Mi Mix 2 **’Xiaomi’Redmi Note 5 (China) **’Zte’nubia Red Magic**’Zte’Blade Z Max**’Samsung’Galaxy S10 **’Samsung’Galaxy S10+ **’Google’Pixel 3 **’Google’Pixel 3XL **’AppleiPhone XAppleiPhone XSAppleiPhone 11 ProAsusZenphone Live (L1)AsusZenphone Live (L2)GooglePixel 4GooglePixel 3aHuaweiHonor 7aLgQ7MeizuM6sMeizu15Meizu15 LiteMotorolaMoto G6MotorolaMoto G6 PlayMotorolaMoto G7 PlayNokia6.1Nokia6.1 PlusNokia5.1Nokia3.1 CSamsungGalaxy S10eSamsungGalaxy A20eSamsungGalaxy A6SamsungGalaxy J3SamsungGalaxy J7SamsungGalaxy S Light LuxuryZteBlade V9ZteBlade V9 VitaZteNubia Z18 MiniAppleiPhone XRAppleiPhone XS MaxAppleiPhone 11AppleiPhone 12AppleiPhone 12 ProGooglePixel 5GooglePixel 4a 5GHuawei30SMotorolaGB PowerMotorolaOne FusionMotorolaOne Fusion+MotorolaMoto G8 Power Lite MotorolaMoto G8MotorolaMoto G9 PlayMotorolaMoto G9MotorolaRazr 5GMotorolaMoto G PowerMotorolaMoto G FastMotorolaMoto G StylusMotorolaMoto G ProMotorolaVision Plus Nokia3.4Nokia5.4SamsungGalaxy S21 5GSamsungGalaxy A21s SamsungGalaxy A31SamsungGalaxy S20 FE 5GSamsungGalaxy A32 5GSamsungGalaxy M31SamsungGalaxy S20SamsungGalaxy S20 FESamsungGalaxy M21SamsungGalaxy M21sSamsungGalaxy M31 SamsungGalaxy M31sSamsungGalaxy S20 5GSamsungGalaxy A21SamsungGalaxy A41SamsungGalaxy A51 5GSamsungGalaxy A51 5G UWSamsungGalaxy A52 4GSamsungGalaxy Xcover ProSamsungGalaxy S20 5G UWSonyXperia ProSonyXperia 5 IISonyXperia 1 IIZteX1 5GZteBlade 20 Pro 5GZteAxon 11 4GZteAxon 11 5GZteAxon 10s Pro 5GVivoV20 VivoV20 SEVivoV20 Pro 5GVivoV19VivoV VivoY51VivoiQOO 3 5GVivoY70VivoS7e 5GVivoV19 Neo VivoX50e 5GVivoS6 5GXiaomiMI Note 10 Lite**Mobile devices with an asterisk next to them have either: (a) extra-large screens or (b) curved screens. Due to modern screen shapes/aspect ratios, the edges of these screens will slightly protrude outside of the VR headset, which means a very small fraction of the content won’t be visible.

This list was last updated on 3rd February 2021. Please note:

a) We try to make sure this list is as accurate as possible, but there may be some minor errors, our data is based on both testing and research into the mobiles devices based on their individual product features and hardware.

b) Always check the production year of your mobile device. Some manufacturers keep the name of their new models the same but instead release a new generation e.g. Samsung J5 and Samsung J5 (2017). The 2017 generation works with VR, the previous model doesn’t.

c) Our models fit devices with screen sizes between 4.7 inch to 6 inch, this is why what’s described in point “A” might occur. The of the phone edges sometimes will poke out the sides of the viewer on 6+ inch phones, this actually gives a more immersive effect as all you can see is the screen and no phone edges. It’s how VR cardboard is meant to work.

d) To be able to view VR content with a VR headset the phone must have an internal gyroscope, pretty much every modern phone has one.

If you don’t see your device, drop us a note and we’ll check it out for you. Pleasecontact usfor compatibility requests!

As the officialGoogle Cardboard Appis currently released only for Android and iOS, there’s no chance to calibrate your Windows Phone for Google Cardboard. Nevertheless, there are not a few VR and AR applications at the MS store that will work on Windows Phones even without calibration.

Last updated on November 1, 2021 by Maxbox VR