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Royal Canin Feline Aroma Exigent is a complete and balanced feed for picky and fussy adult cats over
the age of one. How it works Fussy cats often prefer different food aromas over others… Read more * Product details
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Product details
Royal Canin Feline Aroma Exigent is a complete and balanced feed for picky and fussy adult cats over the age of one.

How it works

Fussy cats often prefer different food aromas over others which may mean your pet will reject
their food. Aroma Exigent has been specially developed for picky cats, having a slight fishy aroma that helps get even the most choosy of cat’s taste buds going. This complete feed is made with a blend of nutrients, minerals and vitamins including beet pulp, soya oil and vegetable fibres, which help maintain your cat’s overall good health. Dehydrated fish is included in this mix, giving the food the fishy aroma that cats love. Dehydrated fish is used to help keep the oil content of the food
down. This way you don’t need to compromise a great fishy taste for a low-in-oil food. High in protein, Aroma Exigent has an adapted energy content which helps keep your cat’s weight at a healthy level, slowly releasing energy throughout the day. To ensure your pet’s coat stays healthy and shiny, omega-3 and -6 and biotin have been included to nourish skin and hair cells from within.

When to use it

Picky cats run the risk of missing out on a number of nutrients, minerals and vitamins
that are vital for their health. If your pet tends to reject their food or only picks at it, providing them with a meal with a fishy scent can encourage them to eat. If you’re concerned about your pet’s eating habits, contact your vet.

* Specially formulated for picky cats that prefer a fishy scent to their food
* A complete and balanced feed that helps your pet maintain a healthy weight
* Biotin and omega-3 and -6 to support a healthy and soft coat
* Suitable for cats
between the age of one and seven

* Made with a specific aromatic profile to encourage fussy cats to eat their food

Some cats can have
fussier appetites than others. If this is true of your cat, then it’s important to select a food product that not only appeals to its natural preferences, but that also contains nutrients that will support its general health.

Royal Canin Aroma Exigent is specially formulated for adult cats, especially for fussier cats with all the nutritional needs of your cat kept in mind.

It has been specially adapted to stimulate your cats natural choice thought its unique aroma

To help your
cat maintain an ideal weight, the energy content in Royal Canin Aroma Exigent has been specially adapted to allow for optimal bodyweight support.

This special blend also helps to support a healthy urinary system due to it high content of minerals and vitamins.

Product Benefits

* Specially formulated with nutritional benefits for your cat
* High protein level
* Supports your cats urinary system
* Helps to maintain an ideal weight

Feeding Guide
Royal Canin Feline Aroma Exigent

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* Great for all cats It is the only food wet or dry that will be eaten by any cat i have ever owned.My 4 cats all love this and I was delighted it arrived so quickly after I placed order April 26, * Great Quality Biscuits Both
my cats are fussy eaters, but they do seem to consistently enjoy these biscuits. I leave a bowl of these biscuits out all the time and it is a supplement to their wet food. My older cat has renal problems and will not touch renal wet food or renal dry food (I have tried all brands). At least these biscuits are good quality and I am happy he eats them as keeping weight up on cats with renal problems is essential. Cat lover – April 26, * Cats
love it

I have three cats. One isn’t bothered about dry food unless there is nothing else on offer. One will eat either but as her brother scoffs any wet food left unattended, she usually has to eat dry food or starve. Our youngest boy prefers the dry food and even when he was kitten would steal it! Tillytonk – April 26, * Royal canin Very good value for money for middle of the range could do with more offers on the 4 kilo bags as
larger bags always get couple kilos free on selective ones Anonymous April 26, * Wonderful!! My cat absolutely loves this product & believe me I’ve tried a lot of different brands from cheaper to this one !!. I’d definately reccomend this product for the fussier eater !! fussy pot – April 26, Other People Bought
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