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pronunciation:sportparts of speech:verb, nounfeatures:Word Builder, Word Explorer, Word Partspart of speech:verbinflections:supports, supporting, supporteddefinition 1:to bear.

I know you’re tired, but I can’t support your weight, so you will have to walk.synonyms:bear, carrysimilar words:cradle, shoulder, take

definition 2:to hold up; brace.

The table is supported by four legs.synonyms:bear, brace, buttress, upholdsimilar words:bolster, cradle, prop, stake

definition 3:to help during a time of trouble or stress.

She supported me when I was ill.synonyms:bolster, comfortsimilar words:buoy up, cheer, encourage, help, reassure, uphold

definition 4:to provide enough for.

Parents support their families by working.synonyms:provide for, sustain, take care ofantonyms:neglectsimilar words:finance, foster, fund

definition 5:to provide proof or evidence for.

What other people say supports his story.antonyms:countersimilar words:affirm, bolster, confirm, establish, sustain, verify, vouch for, warrant

definition 6:to agree with or aid (a cause, idea, person, or group).

The governor supported the liberal candidate for president.Our group supports animal rights.synonyms:back, endorse, sideantonyms:opposesimilar words:defend, promote

related words:advocate, afford, aid, assist, back, base, boost, buoy, carry, champion, cultivate, defend, document, feed, hold, justify, mind, nourish, patronize, promote, prove, recommend, reinforce, sanction, stick by, upholdcontrasting words:resistpart of speech:noundefinition 1:the act supporting, or the condition of being supported.

Where can he get support?synonyms:encouragement

definition 2:someone or something that gives support.

He has been such a support to me during this time of trouble.synonyms:brace, buttress, propsimilar words:base, basis, mount, resource, rest, stay

definition 3:favor or backing from those who agree.

The bill does not have enough support from Representatives to become law.

related words:aid, anchor, assistance, bed, blessing, bracket, contribution, cultivation, defense, foundation, frame, hand, help, keep, mainstay, proof, testimonyderivations:supportless (adj.), supportingly (adv.)Word Builder: support + * supporting:giving support to a person or thing. * supportive:giving help to someone who needs it.Word ExplorerSeecare, family, first aid, foot, muscle, skeletonWord PartsSubscriber featureAbout this featureSubscribe for ad-free
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