15 Phrases To Say To Someone Who Needs Emotional Support

By Sarah BarkleyPublished on September 27, 2021Last modified September 27, 2021Challenges, setbacks, and heartbreaks are a part of life. Important people in your life will surely experience these feelings sometimes, and knowing how to support them is essential. When someone you care about needs emotional support, saying the right thing can make all the difference.

You will want to let your friends or loved ones know that you are there for them during challenging times. The best phrases offer support, comfort, and sometimes relief. As long as they know you are there, they will find a bit of comfort from your emotional support.

If it seems like your friend or family member wants to be left alone, you can still send a text or a note of encouragement. Sometimes, all people need to overcome their situation is to know that they have a positive support system. You never know when your message is the one they needed to hear that day, so don’t hold back.

Fifteen Phrases to Say to Someone Who Needs Emotional Support
Sending a positive message to someone who needs emotional support isn’t always as easy as it sounds. You might not know what to say or how to word it, making you nervous about speaking up. Don’t keep your support to yourself, though, and use some of these phrases instead.

Note: These phrases are not a one-size-fits-all approach to providing emotional support. Choose phrases that fit each individual’s personality and situation.

Furthermore, be alert to the signs of more severe distress or threats of suicide. Help someone in this situation get help right away.

1. This situation must feel awful, but I’m here if you need a friend to listen to as you bounce back.
It can be difficult for someone to see that things will be okay when they are in the midst of emotional turmoil. By reminding them that they will get through it and bounce back, you’re giving them hope. Sometimes, they need to hear reassurance that they will bounce back, and hearing it from you will help.

2. You have been there for me during hard times, and now I’m here for you.
Accepting help isn’t always easy, so using this phrase can come in handy. As you remind your person of all the times they were there for you, it’ll be hard for them to refuse your offer. Plus, if you don’t offer and instead tell them that you are there right now, they can’t tell you no.

Reminding your person of all the times they have helped you can also brighten their day by reminding them of better times. It reminds them of how strong they’ve been for others, giving them the strength that they need for themselves.

3. I know you’re in pain right now, but I am here if you need someone that will listen to you.
When someone is dealing with emotional pain, it can be hard for them to open up. Making it even worse, they don’t know who cares enough to listen and be there. Make sure they know that you are there for them and that you’ll listen to anything they have to say.

If they know they have someone that will listen, they are more likely to open up. When the person can open up, their pain will ease, and they will have an easier time facing the situation.

4. You do so much for everyone else, and now it’s time to take care of yourself.
If your friend or loved one does everything for others but never focuses on themselves, they likely need to hear this phrase. They might feel like they can’t take the time they need for themselves. Hearing it from someone they trust can give them the perspective they need to shift their focus.

When someone you care about faces a hard time, make sure they know they can take a break. If there is something specific that the person worries about, offer to step in and take over. Otherwise, think of other things you can do so that the person can take the time to care for themself.

5. Things may not have turned out the way you wanted them to, but I know you can handle it.
Acknowledging what the person is upset about is one way to offer emotional support. If they’re struggling because something didn’t work out for them, make sure you point that out. When they see that you understand, they will feel less alone in the situation.

Reminding the person that they can handle what they’re going through will help, too. It will give them a new perspective on the situation, helping them look for the positive aspects moving forward.

6. Please remember that I am here to help in any way I can.
Telling someone that you’re sorry about what they’re going through isn’t always enough. If you want to show the person that you care and that you’re there for support, use this phrase instead. Let your friend or loved one know that you are there for whatever they need, and they’ll see that you’re sincere.

7. Your support system cares about you and loves you, and we’re here whenever you’re ready.
When someone is going through a hard time, they might not want to talk right away. Sometimes, they’ll want to be left alone to come to terms with the situation. If this is the case with your person, make sure they know you’re there when the time comes to talk.

Make sure your friend or loved one knows that you care and love them, but don’t pressure them. If you pressure them to talk or to spend time together, it could make things worse. Leave it up to them to decide when the time is right.

8. I am proud of everything you have done and how you are handling this situation.
Telling your person that you are proud of them will give them some comfort. When someone needs emotional support, they are likely to experience negative emotions regarding themselves.

By telling the person that you are proud of them, it gives them the courage to face their situation. If they’re already facing it, hearing that you are proud of them will help them keep pushing through.

9. I believe in you, and I hope you believe in yourself just as much as I do.
When experiencing upsetting situations, a person might lose faith in themselves. Remind them that you believe in them, and encourage them to have faith in themselves, too. This phrase can increase their confidence regarding the experience, helping them handle it positively.

10. I know you’re strong enough to do this alone, but you don’t have to. I’m here.
The strongest people won’t ask for help, and they’ll likely turn down offers. If your friend or loved one is this way, remind them that they don’t have to face it alone. Remind them as often as you can that you are there for them and that you’ll continue to be there.

11. I know things are hard right now, but you’re strong enough to get through this.
Acknowledging that the person’s situation is difficult will let them know that you support them. They’ll realize that you aren’t dismissing their feelings as you encourage them to push through. Additionally, reminding them of their strength will help them persevere and get through the situation.

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If your friend or family member knows that you see their strength, it’ll boost their confidence, too. Referencing a specific instance in their life when they were strong and pushed through hard times will help even more.

12. You have the power to overcome anything, and I know you’ll get there.
Always remind your person that they are powerful and can get through anything. It might not happen right away, but with your emotional support and encouragement, it’ll happen sooner. Use this phrase whenever they feel like things won’t get better.

13. Remember that your accomplishments are your selfless actions and behaviors.
If your friend or loved one is upset because they failed at something, this phrase can help. Tell them that their accomplishments lie in their behaviors and actions towards others.

If they are selfless and always think of others, point that out as their accomplishment. Otherwise, change the phrase to fit whatever characteristic it is that your person exhibits. Once they realize that their worth is more than their failure, they’ll feel better and start working through the situation.

14. I know you have a lot on your plate, so what can I do to help?
When someone is experiencing emotional turmoil, they could likely use some help. Most people are already busy enough, but adding upsetting situations to the mix makes it worse. Acknowledge that they have a lot going on, and then ask what you can do to help.

They might turn down your offer, but encourage them to give you at least one task that will help them out. If the person still doesn’t let you help, consider delivering meals or dropping off coffee to bring a little positivity to their day.

15. Life has no limits, even when you encounter these challenges and obstacles.
Reminding your person that life has no limits can help them see that there is still hope. They might feel like their life is over, so this phrase is helpful.

Final Thoughts on Phrases to Say to Someone Who Needs Emotional Support
When someone needs emotional support, you might not know what to say to help them. These phrases can help you get started, and then you’ll feel more comfortable speaking from the heart.

As your friends and loved ones experiencing hard times, make sure you’re there for them. Plus, make sure they know you are there for whatever they need. You never know when you will be in their position, so do whatever you can to help.