Android Tablets With Pen Support

I’m also using the HTC Flyer (or View or EVO whatever Sprint called it) on Sprint still. Not only has HTC abandoned it, but the old data plan isn’t even available from Sprint anymore. I’m grandfathered into the old plan (shame I didn’t get 4G, I’m just on 3G and it’s a 4G tablet – WiMax though, which is dying). I’m about ready to just cancel that.

The Flyer is a GREAT tablet with a GREAT pen. It’s very accurate. However, I’m looking to upgrade it now. It’s a bit slow and I’d like the latest version of Android. Maybe I can find a ROM, but really I’d like a faster tablet. I might also like it to be 10″ too.

I would get the new Surface tablets that have pens from Microsoft if they A. weren’t so expensive and B. had a longer battery life.

All I want is a decently powered (hardware) tablet I can draw on that lasts 8+ hours. Preferably 10+ hours. Oh and with modern resolution.
The Flyer lasts a good while, but it’s old. Plain and simple.

I’m still using it for note taking and business. It’s a wonderful tablet and since there’s an obvious lack of options here, I’d highly suggest picking one up off eBay or something. Fantastic tablets if you want to use a pen with accuracy. Awesome for sketching. There’s an app called “Quill” which is one of my favorites. Super thin fine pen stroke options.

I may look for the Puccini (Verizon got the 10″ version of the Flyer which maybe has better hardware who knows). I can see 10″ coming in handy.

I truly wish someone would make another tablet with active digitizer…