The suggestions and setup are generally the same for many printers that support Borderless printing.

Differences between printers, where there are such, might have to do with restrictions on Paper Size and / or Paper Type.

For example, some printers that support Borderless printing only do so using particular paper sizes / paper types (for example, Photo / Brochure / Presentation).

Of the many times where the setup can be misunderstood, a restriction on paper type is one of the most overlooked.

Second to that might be any restriction against Borderless printing setting being mixed with ‘Duplex’.

The most important factors include:

* The Operating System / version (unknown)
* The software / application you are using to view and submit the job to the printer (unknown)
* The paper size and the paper type (unknown)
* Whether the printer is aware of the paper size / paper type you have loaded into the printer (unknown)
* What you have tried prior to having asked the question. Telling us what you have already tried saves time so we don’t duplicate what has been done.


The following example is generally true for printers that support Borderless Printing and are running Windows 10.

Two parts to the preliminary setup:

1. HP Smart Windows application

HP Smart for Windows

HP Smart is an application available in the Microsoft Store

Learn how to use HP Smart on your Windows 10 computer.

Open the Software and Drivers Support Website for your printer > Check the Box Get the App

OR Open and Read >>> HP Printers – Using the HP Smart App (Windows 10)


Disconnect from Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection before downloading.

* HP Smart requires that you sign into the application using your HP Account credentials.
* Document includes the HP Smart application download links for Windows and Mobile devices, plus an FAQ section to assist with questions / issues. * FAQ examples: * What are the requirements to use the HP Smart app? * Which printers are compatible with the HP Smart app? * Why do I need to sign in or create an account to use the HP Smart app features? * Older versions of the HP Smart app no longer support the login feature.
* Update the application to the latest version to access / use HP Smart


2. Full Driver printer software


If you have not done so,

In addition to the HP Smart application,

Install the Full Feature Software / full driver printer software for the printer.

HP Smart and other print software / applications benefit from having the full driver installed.

Printer Software Check


If the full driver printer software is installed, you will see the printer listed inControl Panel> icon view >Programs and Features.

In addition, the installed software places two shortcut icons on the Desktop named for the printer.


Printer software not installed?

Method – Use the Easy Start Wrapper to Install the Full Feature / Full Driver Software

For printers that support the option,

Use the Easy Start wrapper to install and configure the printer software.

* Home Page – HP Easy Start
* Open CategorySoftware and Drivers
* Topic:Software-Utility
* Download-and-Savethe current version of theEasy Startwrapper to install your print software
* If usingUSB: Disconnect the USB cable between the printer and computer before installing the software.

* Right-Clickon the downloaded package and “Run as Administrator” to start the installation

* Select to install the “Full Driver” / “Full Feature Software”
* If usingUSB: Connect the cable when instructed to do so (near the end of the installation process).
* After the software is installed,Restartthe computer and log in.

Notes >> Easy Start… The Journey

1. Full Administrator Rights are required to complete the HP Software installation.
2. About 2/3 of the way through the setup, you will be given the opportunity to select the software – select the “Full Driver”set (as opposed to the basic driver or other application).
3. You can skip / ignore suggestion(s) that you add the HP Account – you’ll need the account at some point, for now, you can skip this suggestion (as many times as it insists it’s a good idea) during the full driver software installation.
4. If you see it, you can skip / ignore suggestion(s) regarding Instant Ink subscription. Instant Ink subscription is NOT mandatory.
5. Full driver includes print and scan functions supported by your printer and provides the printer features on which other applications / software might depend.


HP Smart Windows can print Borderless as supported for the printer, the paper size, and the paper type for that printer.

Example #1 is set for A4 paper, Shortcut for “Not Borderless”

Change the paper size to Letter

Change the Shortcut (if available) to Photo Printing Borderless

What if?

If your printer Shortcuts do not include a template for Photo Printing Borderless,

Select “Everyday Printing” and make all the edits necessary to create the Borderless print you want.

If necessary for your printer, use only supported paper types for Borderless and change the paper type in the application.

Example – HP Smart – Windows – Simple Photo Print – A4


Example #2 – HP Smart – Windows – Simple Photo Print – Borderless – 4×6


HP Printer Home Page – References and Resources –Learn about your Printer – Solve Problems

“Things that are your printer”

NOTE: Content depends on device type and Operating System

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