Celebrities Who Support Johnny Depp In His Trial With Amber Heard

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In the midst of the trial that they are developing Johnny Depp and Amber Heardthe testimonials of celebrities who support Johnny Depp began to resurface.

With the passing of days and the different witnesses who testified in court, surprising details of the relationship were revealed. From throwing bottles down the stairs, until the actor almost lost a finger.

The truth is Amber and Johnny’s trial is giving a lot to talk about and puts back on the agenda a very relevant issue today: gender violence.

But basically, two sides have formed in courtswhere some support the actress from The Danish Girl, while others support Captain Jack Sparrow.

Heard has Elon Musk, James Franco and even Warner Bros. among his companions and supporters. But Johnny has managed to bring with him the support of several actresses and actors who have been part of his life for years.

In this list, we tell you about some of the celebrities who support Johnny Depp in this delicate moment.

vanessa paradis

The singer and the actor had a 14-year relationship, and it is with her that Johnny had his two children, Lily-Rose and Jack. When the defamation trial against The Sun newspaper took place, where Depp was called a “wife beater”, Vanessa came out to show her support for the actor.

Terry Schmitt/UPI/Shutterstock

I have known Johnny for over 25 years. We have been a couple for 14 years and we have raised our two children together, ”the artist began by saying in a testimony compiled by Variety.

Throughout all this time, I have known Johnny as a kind, generous and non-aggressive person and father. And he claimed that he “was never violent or abusive” with her.

Paul Bettany

The WandaVision actor was key to the trial that is taking place today in justice. It was with him that Johnny Depp exchanged text messages that were later brought to court.

Fabrizio Bensch

But, although those messages showed a rough side of both artists, Paul did not stop speaking well and showing his support for his friend and colleague.

I have known Johnny Depp for years and in several of his relationships. He is the sweetest, kindest, most gentle man I have ever met. I’m just saying,” he wrote on Twitter.

Penelope Cruz

The actress, with whom she shared the screen in Pirates of the Caribbean, showed her support for Depp during his defamation trial. In documents that were presented to the court and collected by The Blast, Penelope stated that more than a partner, she is a friend.

The Grosby Group

Many years have passed and not only have I made three films with him, but I also count on him as a great friend. I have always been impressed by his kindness, his brilliant mind, his talent and his quirky sense of humor,” the documents said.

I have seen Johnny in different situations and he is always nice to everyone. He is one of the most generous people I know. For six months in my pregnancy, I was with him all the time recording ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. My husband and I will never forget his sweetness, protection and the kindness with which he treated me during the process. We love him very much and we feel lucky to have him in our lives, ”he concluded at the time.

Javier Bardem

Cruz’s husband also openly showed his support for the actor, with whom he also worked on the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

I support Johnny because I have always seen a kind and caring man in him.”

Instar Images/The Grosby Group

An extraordinary artist who has listened to everyone who needs his help. I not only love Johnny, but I deeply respect him and thank him for being that free boy in his art, and the mature, kind man that he is in his life on a daily basis.”

Finally, he said:

I love Johnny because he is a good human being, caught up in the lies and manipulations of toxic people, and despite everything he smiles and loves us all despite that.

Winona Ryder

Another of the actresses who showed her support and assured that it is “impossible to believe” that Heard’s accusations are true. Winona and Johnny were a couple during the ’90s and on more than one occasion, the actress has said that he was the great love of her life.

I don’t want to call anyone a liar, but from my experience with Johnny, it’s impossible for me to believe that these terrible accusations are true,” the Stranger Things actress said.

I am aware of allegations of violence that have been made public over the past few years by Johnny Depp’s ex-wife,” he said in the court statement published by The Blast.

Obviously I wasn’t there during his marriage to Amber, but from my experience, which was so completely different, I was absolutely shocked, confused and upset when I heard the accusations against him. The idea that she is an incredibly violent person is the furthest thing from the Johnny she knew and loved. I can’t understand those accusations.”

Kevin McNally

His shipmate in Pirates of the Caribbean showed his support for the actor and did not hesitate to get on board once again to command his crew together.

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“My dream is that there is some link between what has been the past and this strange incarnation of what is to come. But honestly, I think my destiny is so tied to Johnny’s that I’ll go where he goes if he needs me,” McNally said.

JK Rowling

Far from closing the doors to her magical world, the writer of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts was in favor of Johnny continuing in his role. However, Warner producers decided to replace Depp from their cast in the third film in the franchise.

The Grosby Group

Back then, before Johnny decided to leave his role as Gellert Grindelwald behind, the writer showed her support for him to stay on set.

“Based on our understanding of the circumstances, the directors and I are not only comfortable with our original cast, but we’re really happy that Johnny is playing a major character in the movies,” the writer stated.


The singer showed her support for the actor through a tweet on her Twitter profile.

Todd Williamson/January Images/S

“I want to show my public support for Johnny Depp. I mean, I would love for him to clean up and stop wearing so much jewelry, but he really is the victim of everything, after listening to those audios, “the artist wrote.


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