Contacts API Re Contacts And Browser Caching

Thanks for helping clarifying my question.
Yes I meant the browser was on the standard GMail page viewing

So, assuming you are correct, that Googles “stuff is AJAX”, that means
that I could expect to see the change (after the appropriate
replication interval) by just simply changing the Group I was viewing,
OK so what if the API change was for a different member of the same
When I then select that contact in the browser could I expect to see
the changes?
On Feb 11, 2:58 pm, Jesse Mandel wrote:
> It probably depends on what webpage you’re viewing it on. If you mean
> through Gmail then I am pretty sure all their stuff is AJAX and wouldn’t
> require a full page refresh. If you write your own web interface then you
> would have to ensure that it updates properly.
> -Jesse
> On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 12:50 PM, SteveC wrote:
> > Folks;
> > If I make a change to a contact using the API what is required to see
> > that change in a brwoser?
> > Specifically:
> > In a browser, I have the contacts page up viewing Group A
> > Now using an API enabled application I make a change to a contact in
> > Group B.
> > Assuming I wait for the replication to succeed should I see that
> > change in the browser when I select Group B?
> > Or is a refresh necessary?  Will this behavior be consistent among all
> > browsers?
> > Thanks!
> > Steve
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