Customer Support Roblox Wiki

Customer support is Roblox’s way of assisting user problems while playing ROBLOX. Some of its common uses are for billing problems and ban appeals. The main customer support email is [1]Roblox Support is used to get assistance with the players issues.

A majority of users’ complaints regarding Roblox’s contact system is rooted behind what they claim to be a heavy use of automatic bot replies when a user tries to contact the Roblox Corporation. Many complaints spawn from dedicating time to compose a well-thought message or concern and being reciprocated by an automatic message that does not address the main topics of the original message. Users also warn that the chances of a ban being appealed drastically decrease after that account has been banned for more than fourteen days.

An example of an automatic message includes:

Hi and thanks for writing in!
I’ve been super busy and haven’t been able to get to your message yet. Please make sure you have looked through our Help pages and the forums. There’s lots of great information there to help you with all of ROBLOX.
If you still need assistance, please send me a reply to this message. Thanks!
This type of message is received only when the user sends a message to Builderman.Additional messages include:

Problem: You reported someone and you think nothing happened.
Solution: Here is an explanation of how the system works.
When a player is reported a moderator checks what was going on at the time to make sure it’s a real offense. Once we’ve decided the player did something wrong, by our standards, then the following actions are taken.
1. Reminder – kicked out of the game and
asked to read the Terms of Service again
2. Warning – again kicked out and asked to
read the TOS
3. One-day Ban – kicked out and not let
back in for one day
4. Three-day Ban – kicked out and not let
back in for three days
5. Seven-day Ban – kicked out and not let
back in for seven days
6. Fourteen-day Ban – kicked out and not
let back in for two weeks
7. Account Deletion – that account and all
associated places, Robux, tickets, and
items are deleted
Sometimes it takes a few minutes – when you hit the Report Abuse button, the person breaking the rules doesn’t get banned right away! But you put a report into the system, and the mods will get to it and punish that person soon. You just have to be patient.