Dota 2 How To Play The International 11 Fantasy Challenge Game

Learn how to play TI11 Fantasy Challenge in Dota 2 ahead of The International 11, including the best strategy for choosing your roster.

Dota 2’s signature annual tournament, The International 2022 (TI11), is currently underway in Singapore, and with that, it is only natural that players want to optimize their TI11 Fantasy Roster to maximize their rewards.

Choosing the best Player Cards for your roster is imperative to the Dota 2 TI11 Fantasy Challenge. However, if you’re not familiar with the teams, players, or game, it’s understandable that you might find things challenging.

But fret not! This guide will detail everything to know about the Fantasy Challenge Game in Dota 2, including how to decide which Player Cards you should include in your Fantasy Roster.

Dota 2 – How To Play TI11 Fantasy Challenge
To participate in the Dota 2 TI11 Fantasy Challenge, you must first unlock Player Card Packs. These are earned daily by winning Dota matches and each contains five Player Cards. Otherwise, you can buy them directly from the respective tab in the Watch section of the game client.

Here’s an overview of how the Dota 2 TI11 Fantasy Challenge works. (Picture: Valve / Dota 2)

There are three types of TI11 Player Cards: Regular, Silver, and Gold. Every Player Card Pack is guaranteed to have at least one Silver or Gold card. These cards grant stat bonuses (usually between +5% to +25%). Gold cards are highly sought-after, offering five stat bonuses; however, Silver cards are also good and offer three random stat bonuses.

For every period (typically 1-week), you must set a unique Dota 2 Fantasy Roster, comprising 2x Core Player Cards, 1x Mid Player Card, and 2x Support Player Cards. Every period’s roster is unique, and you can use Player Cards in any number of periods.

Collecting as many Gold and Silver Player Cards as possible is best. (Picture: Valve / @Sillicur)Depending on the custom Player Card Roster you create, you will earn Fantasy Points based on each player’s performance during that period. At the end of the period, the points will be summed, and you will earn rewards.

You can see the scoring stats and rewards offered below.

Scoring Stats
* +0.3 points per Kill
* +3 points minus 0.3 points per Death
* +0.003 points per Last Hit or Deny
* +0.002 points per GPM
* +1 point per killing blow on a Tower
* +1 point per killing blow on Roshan
* +3 points multiplied by team fight participation percentage
* +0.5 points per Observer Ward placed
* +0.5 points per Neutral Camp Stacked
* +0.25 points per Rune taken or bottled
* +4 points for the killing blow on First Blood
* +0.05 points per second of Stun

* Fantasy Teams scoring in the top 10% for the period receive 4 Fantasy levels.
* Fantasy Teams scoring in the top 25% for the period receive 3 Fantasy levels.
* Fantasy Teams scoring in the top 50% for the period receive 2 Fantasy levels.
* The remaining scoring Fantasy Teams for the period receive 1 Fantasy level.
* Players will receive 1x Lineage Treasure every fourth Fantasy level and 350 Shards at every other level.

What Is The Best Dota 2 TI11 Fantasy Roster Strategy?

Considering the information above, it is best to use Gold or Silver Player Cards to take advantage of the additional scoring stat bonuses. Also, you’ll want to choose Player Cards of teams playing the most games in a given period in your TI11 Fantasy Roster. In general, teams that play more games will gain more points.

For example, a player with poor performance in three games will outperform a player with a superb performance in only one or two games. As a result, it means that the best Dota 2 TI11 Fantasy roster largely depends on the match fixtures and tournament schedule.

Your chosen TI11 Fantasy Roster will determine how many Fantasy Points you earn. (Picture: Valve / Dota 2)Beyond this, some additional calculated decision-making or guesswork is needed to determine which player will likely perform best out of the available pool of players for that period.

In the past, we’ve prioritized Position 1 players for Core slots, where kills, deaths, tower kills, and team fights are prioritized over runes, GPM, and CS. But in the case of Support slots, you might instead consider their propensity for planting wards, de-warding, and stacking camps.

While it’s not always as clear-cut as that, we’ll endeavor to share our weekly TI11 Fantasy Predictions with you once The International 2022 goes live so that you can enjoy the fruits of our labor without hassle.

That’s everything you need to know about Dota 2’s The International 11 Fantasy Challenge.

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All featured images are courtesy of Valve / Dota 2.