DX12 Video Card List DX11 Video Card List

This is the NEW list of all currently available graphics cards that are DirectX 12 and DirectX 11 capable, along with links to product details for each, courtesy of Amazon.

Revision 20 of this list is current as of November 2015. The list contains GPUs that span every possible price point from $30 entry level cards to the highest-end gaming card available at over $1000.

DX11 was available starting on on Windows 7 or Windows Vista SP 2.
DX12 is available starting on Windows 10 only.

Solid Tip: If you came here looking for DirectX 12 on a Fermi-based Nvidia card, I have bad news.

How do I see if my card supports DirectX 12 or DirectX11?
In Windows, open the search/start bar and type dxdiag, then select it from the results. The window that pops up shows you your DirectX version.

Note that this new GTX 970 shows DirectX 11, and not 12, because this system is on Windows 7.

Desktop and Laptop Card List


GPUDXArchitectureGeForce GTX 980M12MaxwellGeForce GTX 970M12MaxwellGeForce GTX 965M12MaxwellGeForce GTX 960M12MaxwellGeForce GTX 950M12MaxwellGeForce 945M12MaxwellGeForce 940M12MaxwellGeForce 930M12MaxwellGeForce 920M12KeplerGeForce 910M12KeplerGeForce GTX 880M12KeplerGeForce GTX 870M12KeplerGeForce GTX 860M12KeplerGeForce GTX 850M12KeplerGeForce 840M12MaxwellGeForce 830M12MaxwellGeForce 820M11.1FermiGeForce 810M11.1FermiGeForce GTX 780M12KeplerGeForce GTX 770M12KeplerGeForce GTX 765M12KeplerGeForce GTX 760M12KeplerGeForce GT 755M12KeplerGeForce GT 750M12KeplerGeForce GT 745M12KeplerGeForce GT 740M12KeplerGeForce GT 735M12KeplerGeForce GT 730M12KeplerGeForce GT 720M11.1FermiGeForce 710M11.1FermiGeForce 705M11.1FermiGeForce GTX 680M12KeplerGeForce GTX 680MX12KeplerGeForce GTX 675MX12KeplerGeForce GTX 675M11.1FermiGeForce GTX 670MX12KeplerGeForce GTX 670M11.1FermiGeForce GTX 660M12KeplerGeForce GT 650M12KeplerGeForce GT 645M12KeplerGeForce GT 640M LE(GK107)12KeplerGeForce GT 640M LE(GF108)11.1FermiGeForce GT 640M12KeplerGeForce GT 635M11.1FermiGeForce GT 630M11.1FermiGeForce GT 625M11.1FermiGeForce GT 620M11.1FermiGeForce 610M11.1FermiGeForce GTX 580M11.1FermiGeForce GTX 570M11.1FermiGeForce GTX 560M11.1FermiGeForce GT 555M11.1FermiGeForce GT 550M11.1FermiGeForce GT 540M11.1FermiGeForce GT 525M11.1FermiGeForce GT 520MX11.1FermiGeForce GT 520M11.1FermiGeForce GTX 485M11.1FermiGeForce GTX 480M11.1FermiGeForce GT 470M11.1FermiGeForce GTX 460M11.1FermiGeForce GTS 45011.1FermiGeForce GT 445M11.1FermiGeForce GT 435M11.1FermiGeForce GT 425M11.1FermiGeForce GT 420M11.1FermiGeForce GT 415M11.1FermiGeForce 415M11.1FermiGeForce 410M11.1FermiGeForce 405M11.1FermiOEM Systems

GPUDXArchitectureGeForce GTX 74512MaxwellGeForce GTX 66012KeplerGeForce GTX 64512KeplerGeForce GT 63512KeplerGeForce GT 71011.1FermiGeForce GT 70511.1FermiGeForce GTX 55511.1FermiGeForce GT 53011.1FermiGeForce GT 52011.1FermiGeForce GT 51011.1Fermi


GPUDXArchitectureRadeon R9 M395X12GCN 1.2Radeon R9 M390X12GCN 1.2Radeon R9 M39012GCN 1.0Radeon R9 M385X12GCN 1.2Radeon R9 M38012GCN 1.0Radeon R9 M375X12GCN 1.0Radeon R9 M37512GCN 1.0Radeon R9 M370X12GCN 1.0Radeon R9 M365X12GCN 1.0Radeon R7 M36012GCN 1.0Radeon R5 M33012GCN 1.0Radeon R9 M295X12GCN 1.0Radeon R9 M290X12GCN 1.0Radeon R9 M280X12GCN 1.1Radeon R9 M275X12GCN 1.0Radeon R9 M270X12GCN 1.0Radeon R9 M265X12GCN 1.0Radeon R7 M26512GCN 1.0Radeon R7 M260X12GCN 1.0Radeon R7 M26012GCN 1.0Radeon R5 M25512GCN 1.0Radeon R5 M23012GCN 1.0Radeon HD 8970M11.1GCN 1.0Radeon HD 8870M11.1GCN 1.0Radeon HD 8850M11.1GCN 1.0Radeon HD 8830M11.1GCN 1.0Radeon HD 8790M11.1GCN 1.0Radeon HD 8770M11.1GCN 1.0Radeon HD 8750M11.1GCN 1.0Radeon HD 8730M11.1GCN 1.0Radeon HD 8690M11.1GCN 1.0Radeon HD 8670M11.1GCN 1.0Radeon HD 8570M11.1GCN 1.0Radeon HD 8650M12GCN 1.0Radeon HD 86630M12GCN 1.0Radeon HD 8550M12GCN 1.0Radeon HD 7970M12GCN 1.0Radeon HD 7870M12GCN 1.0Radeon HD 7850M12GCN 1.0Radeon HD 7770M12GCN 1.0Radeon HD 7750M12GCN 1.0Radeon HD 7730M12GCN 1.0Radeon HD 7690M XT11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 7690M11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 7670M11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 7650M11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 7630M11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 7610M11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 7590M11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 7570M11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 7550M11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 7530M11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 7510M11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 7490M11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 7470M11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 7450M11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 7430M11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 6990M11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 6970M11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 6950M11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 6870M11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 6850M11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 6830M11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 6770M11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 6750M11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 6730M11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 6650M11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 6630M11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 6570M11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 6550M11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 6530M11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 6490M11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 6470M11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 6450M11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 6430M11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 6370M11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 6350M11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 6330M11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 6620G11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 6520G11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 6480G11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 6380G11TeraScale 2Mobility Radeon HD TeraScale 2Mobility Radeon HD TeraScale 2Mobility Radeon HD TeraScale 2Mobility Radeon HD TeraScale 2Mobility Radeon HD TeraScale 2Mobility Radeon HD TeraScale 2Mobility Radeon HD TeraScale 2Mobility Radeon HD TeraScale 2Mobility Radeon HD TeraScale 2Mobility Radeon HD TeraScale 2OEM Systems

GPUDXArchitectureRadeon R GCN 1.0Radeon R GCN 1.0Radeon R GCN 1.1Radeon R GCN 1.0Radeon R GCN 1.0Radeon R GCN 1.0Radeon R GCN 1.0Radeon R GCN 1.0Radeon R5 235X11Terascale 2Radeon HD GCNRadeon HD GCNRadeon HD GCNRadeon HD GCNRadeon HD GCNRadeon HD GCNRadeon HD GCNRadeon HD GCNRadeon HD GCNRadeon HD GCNRadeon HD TeraScale 2Radeon HD TeraScale 2Radeon HD 7660D11TeraScale 3Radeon HD 7560D11TeraScale 3Radeon HD 7540D11TeraScale 3Radeon HD TeraScale 2Radeon HD 7480D11TeraScale 3Radeon HD TeraScale 3Radeon HD 6550D11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 6530D11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 6410D11TeraScale 2Radeon HD 6370D11TeraScale 2Radeon HD TeraScale 2Radeon HD TeraScale 2Radeon HD TeraScale 2Radeon HD TeraScale 2Workstation Card List
Want professional Workstation Cards? We have a DX11 list (DX12 list in the works). See the full list of DX11 workstation cards.