General Discussion Too Be Honest The Hardest Heroes Are The Easiest To Play And Fun And DOTABUFF

I played Invoker and his very good and an excellent mid ganker also i just dc for 6 min while playing a match its safe to leave because drow ranger middle gave up on me “invoker” i lost a lot of gold and experience also good thing they didn’t sold my item their all higher level than me and farmed than me i died once his weakness is stun and lion got me good so i brought a linken sphere fast in 5 minutes i already have the perservance Invoker can farm quickly because of the wex buff with good animation and easy to remember skills I just remembered everything even ice wall and the combos also.

So I played meepo all you need to do is cast your poof at the enemy and make sure they dont have any aoe nukes, passive or disables. I just killed an earthshaker with half hp, then timbersaw hes armor dependant not magical dependant (usually poof is half physical and magical and pure) but i think they turned it to magical instead (they never post the buff and nerf of a hero in updates just like death prophet’s ult it keeps turning physical then magical and back to physical) just be cautious on axe, earthshaker, kunkka, riki and some other aoe. invoker aint a problem if he is quas exort

Enchantress is easy to play (why in the world is she low winrate) all you need is to jungle and farm for items then stay behind of teammates and support them SEMICARRY while attacking and you can get some kills also.

Bounty hunter is also easy like hes a ganker not a carry, pusher nor support (he can support but he has to be very very dependant on map awareness and danger ahead if they can kill it or not) also he can farm using his ult and assassinate everyone just dont pick him if theres another invisible hero in your team.

But the hardest part was the support role. Crystal Maiden is squishy and can be killed by anything sad poor thing also drow she is turn rate dependant (valve nerf her turn rate badly now its buffed) and sniper well he has to watch out from sneeky enemies. also techie I won’t tell you how to play him right but there is 1 thing i will tell you, pick techie if your team has the proper carry then they wont buy gem successfully they will buy it after minutes because of item dependent or no gold or low gpm. or the core is a suicidal tank and loses the gem very quickly (easy but the rest i wont tell you).

So have fun in dota 2.

all my experience are using my first account that is 50% winrate and keep on creating new accounts but i dont annoy their games i end the game and after i won or lose and do my role i go create another one (but if their toxic writing on the map and discriminate me wrongly i leave them and report him but first i support the core or ignore them because you know “their new to dota 2″ and all of them are and 1 of them is pretending to be one so I’ll just leave that game”)

Also play with friends or strangers you must have trust, fate, joy with happiness, supporting (the one you say well played after a successful gank) and love first 🙂 no gluttonous if you lose with them sometimes its not their fault. also please dont be envy on players if their quiet and respective don’t report them your making the game not fun. I created a successful one even if i won 3 matches and lost once with zeus 30-8 I just deal with it and since im a good player myself and can win or gank solo (with out any hesitation of team ganking me while i gank solo) I can win the game myself, push to the ancient and win (sad sven his team abandoned the game because hes newbie storm spirit and noob antimage got confused on what to build instead he left the game after axe abandonned it then storm spirit left and Sven said “report 3 leavers” and then valve agreed to my idea to disable reports and it worked finally I can play without getting reported by envy players).

Your welcome, Sincerely your friend who you keep bullying and abusing


(yes its bad english but its fun to read and i don’t have time to edit everything or else i will forget this also and my intelligent is working again and i think i can pass college or high school so don’t judge)