Genshin Impact How To Contact Customer Support Service

Often times your cherished account of Genshin Impact might be strangely affected by a problem that you cannot resolve easily. In those times, you need to contact Mihoyo customer support, which oversees account-related issues and other queries you have for them. The steps for reaching out to them are simple. In this article, you will be guided through the procedures for contacting Genshin Impact/Mihoyo customer support.

There are two ways to contact customer support, one is through an in-game customer support portal, another is through e-mail. The method for in-game customer support is as follows:

Steps to contact Genshin Impact Customer Support 1. Click on Paimon Menu. This can be triggered by pressing ‘Esc’ in computers or by clicking the tiny Paimon sprite on the top-left of the screen on hand-held devices.
2. Click on ‘Feedback’ from the menu.
3. Click on ‘Submit Feedback’. If you see your issue or question listed on the commonly encountered issue tiles, you can click them and they will redirect you to the relevant page.
4. If you do not see your issue listed, click ‘Proceed to submit.’
5. Finally, click ‘Contact CS’

Procedures for writing to Customer Support
The issues are categorized into separate sections. While contacting CS, please maintain the following template,

Bug Issues
> I found a consistent bug during my gameplay. I attached images/videos to show the example too. It can have a fix with these steps:

Step 1: ***
Step 2: ***

It is advised to attach screenshots of the bug with the complaint. And try to make sure the bug always repeats when the steps are imitated.

Feedback / Suggestion
> I have feedback for the Genshin Impact team to consider! The suggestion is ***.

This is a good idea because *** and ***. I included images to help illustrate my idea. Thank you!

Although it is rare for Mihoyo customer support to consider suggestions regarding gameplay or game mechanics if you believe your idea can make considerable improvements in gameplay, feel free to contact them.

Payment Issues
> I have payment issues regarding ***. I also attached related images. Thank you for the help!

Also, follow up with providing them with the below details:

* Top Up Channel (Google Play, App Store, MyCard, Worldpay, PlayStation Store, etc.)
* Order Number.
* Transaction History.
* Bank transaction notification.
* Bank Transaction serial number.

Fill up your information beside the following headers and you are good to go. You can also e-mail them about other payment related queries at

miHoYo customer support emails for different regions
If you do not want to use the in-game CS system. Try mailing them with the formats demonstrated above to your relevant CS email.

* English:
* Japanese:
* Korean:
* German:
* Spanish:
* French:
* Indonesian:
* Portuguese:
* Russian:
* Thai:
* Vietnamese:

You only need to email once per inquiry, please. Don’t forget to also check your junk/spam!

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