Here Is How To Get 5G On IPhone In India With The IOS Beta

So 5G is finally available in India, and your shiny new iPhone 14 Pro requires an update to use 5G in India. Fret not, Apple will be testing the 5G update for iPhone 12 and newer in their latest beta firmware releasing next week. If you are interested in trying out the iOS 16.2 Public Beta firmware, stick around to find out how.Benefits of installing Public Beta Firmware on your iPhone

1. Try out the latest features before your friends
2. Less buggier than Developer Beta Firmware.
3. Public Beta is Free, Developer Beta Program costs money.

Drawbacks of installing Public Beta Firmware on your iPhone

1. Performance and stability issues – Beta Software is meant for testing, and by installing the software on your device, you are essentially testing the firmware for Apple. Sure you get new features, but you also get the bugs and stability issues. Issues can range from battery drain to apps crashing, to even boot loops.
2. App support – While most apps will work fine, with early beta builds it is common to see common apps not being compatible and crashing. Public Beta builds are easier to deal with and do not have issues with Apps usually.
3. Data loss – While public beta builds are much safer, Data loss during updates is still a possibility. Therefore we recommend you back up your iPhone, either through iCloud or iTunes before jumping on the beta builds.

iOS and iPadOS Beta Software ProfileHow to install the latest iOS 16 Beta on iPhone 12/13/14

Step 2 – Log in with your Apple ID

Step 3 – Choose your device – iOS

Step 5 – Download and install the configuration profile.

Step 6 – Go to General > VPN and Device Management and tap on the iOS 16 beta profile there.

Step 7 – Update to the firmware, under General > Software Update.