How To Activate MTN Unlimited Data Plan In Ghana And Everything Else You Need To Know

Getting an MTN unlimited data plan in Ghana is one of the best solutions to the fast and reliable internet connection in the country today. Nevertheless, with the world moving fast towards solutions availed by the internet, it is almost necessary to be connected to an internet provider that can sustain your need for a stable internet connection.

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If you use the internet regularly, you need a fast and reliable internet facility. To take advantage of the excellent internet service bundle offered by the giant telecommunications provider, MTN, first, you must know how to activate your plan. Then, choose the one that is most appropriate for your needs.

MTN data plan activation
MTN data plans have terms and conditions which, of course, are easy to work with. However, users of the bundles’ plans must know that renewing the subscribed bundles is best when rolling over the previous internet bundle balance.

To activate your internet service plan, first of all, dial *138# and afterwards, you can then select and activate your choice of data bundle.

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Does MTN have unlimited data plans?
Yes, subscribers can choose from different MTN unlimited bundle plans that the service provider has for them. Specifically, individuals can choose from any of the internet bundles under different categories, which are explained below:

Pay as You Go internet packages
This service pack for unlimited internet service bundles is found in many groups, and as such, the steps on how to get an unlimited data plan on MTN are simple and easy. For example, you have to choose from these options below as they show the :

One day MTN plan
The steps on how to activate MTN unlimited data plan for a day are not challenging. All you need to do is activate by dialling *138*1#. Then, follow the prompt and opt for your choice, which is any of these:

* 20 MB at GHc 0.5;
* MTN daily unlimited internet service plan offer of 50 MB at GHc 1;
* MTN daily internet service plan of 120 MB at GHc 2;
* Daily internet service plan of 500 MB at GHc 3.00.

After dialling *138*, selecting 1 for 3 GB Midnight MTN 2 hours internet plan at the cost of GHc 1 being offered from 3 a.m to 5 a.m. Also, dial 2 for 5 GB MTN internet service plan night at GHc 3 operating from 12 a.m. to 5 a.m. for one night.

Weekly package
To get an internet service plan under this category is simple. You only need to subscribe by dialling *138*1# and choosing any of the weekly internet service plans of your choice, as noticed below:

* 25 MB at the cost of GHc 1;
* Unlimited internet service plan of 60 MB at the cost of GHc 2;
* 180 MB at the cost of GHc 3;
* Internet service plan of 300 MB at GHc 5;
* 1,000 MB at the rate of GHc 10.

Monthly packages
Monthly packages are also found in this classification. To subscribe and activate, dial *138*1#, and choose according to the rates offered. Available offers are below:

* The unlimited data bundle of 400 MB for a 30 days pack costs GHc 10;
* 1 GB goes for a cost of GHc 20;
* The data plan of 2.5 GB costs GHc 40;
* 15 GB costs GHc 150;
* 20 GB data plan costs GHc 199;
* 50 GB internet service plan costs GHc 289;
* The data plan of 100 GB costs GHc 300;
* 150 GB data plan costs GHc 349;
* 200 GB internet service plan costs GHc 399;

There are also special packages, including Midnight, Daily Lifestyle, Bi-Weekly Lifestyle, Monthly Lifestyle, and Kokrokoo bundle offer.

MTN has different internet packages to meet individuals and corporate needs. Photo: @MTNGhana
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Video calls special offers
The Pay As You Go internet service also has a special package for subscribers who enjoy making video calls. Daily, weekly, and monthly offers depend on individual choices.

* On the daily offer, you can pay as low as 50 pesewas to enjoy 40 MB and as much as GHc 5 to get 1,200 MB.
* On the weekly offer, you can pay as low as GHc 3 for 360 MB and as much as GHc 20 to enjoy 4.5 GB of data.
* Lastly, with as low as GHc 20, you can get 2 GB of internet bundle and as much as GHc 50 to get 7 GB of internet bundle.

SMS Bundle
This bundle comes with an on-net and off-net number of SMS (short messages). There are five bundles to choose from. Dial *138# and then select 2. Choose from the prompt options as follows:

* 20 SMS at GHc 0.52 for 30 days;
* 50 SMS at GHc 1.06 for 30 days;
* 150 SMS at GHc 2.12 for 30 days;
* 400 SMS at GHc 5.29 for 30 days;
* 900 SMS at GHc 9.52 for 30 days.

When you subscribe to the SMS bundle of your choice, you can send SMS to both on-net and off-net numbers. 30 days is the valid period from the day of activation of this bundle plan.

International Direct Dialing (IDD) bundle
These bundles are activated for making international calls. Activate by dialling *138#, then selecting 3 to choose the internet service plan. But note these:

* The 30 minutes IDD bundle costs GHc 2.12 and is valid for three days;
* The 70 minutes IDD bundle costs GHc 5.29 and is valid for seven days only;
* The 150 minutes IDD bundle costs GHc 10.58 and is valid for 15 days.

Other offers under this package include the following:

* If you pay GHc 20.18, depending on your choice, you can get up to 150 minutes IDD bundle, but you will be charged at 0.1345 ERM;
* If you pay GHc 50.45, depending on your choice, you can get up to 450 minutes IDD bundle, but you will be charged at 0.1121 ERM;
* If you pay GHc 40.36, you can get up to 100 minutes IDD bundle, but you will be charged at 0.4036 ERM, depending on your choice;
* If you pay GHc 100.91, you can get up to 600 minutes IDD bundle, but you will be charged at 0.1682 ERM, depending on your choice.

MTN Super Saver bundles
These bundles are packaged to offer SMS, talk time (voice call) minutes, and a combining bundle for the internet. Activate and subscribe by dialling *138#, select 4, and choose your preferred plan to subscribe from the prompts. All categories are offered for a validity duration of 7 to 30 days. The include:

* At GHc 5, you get 50 voice call minutes to any network, 100MB data, and 20 SMS to any network of your choice. This is valid for 7 days.
* At GHc 10, you get 100 voice call minutes and 50 SMs to all networks. In addition, it has a 300 MB internet service bundle offer valid for 7 days.
* At GHc 20, you get 300 voice call minutes and 50 SMS to any network. Moreover, it offers a 700MB of data bundle, valid for 7 days.
* At GHc 30, you get 500 voice call minutes and 100 free SMS to any network. In addition, it has a 6 GB data bundle offer, all valid for 30 days.
* At GHc 50, you 1.5 GB of data, 150 SMS and 700 minutes voice call to any network valid for 30 days.
* At GHc 100, a customer gets 1,500 minutes of voice and 200 SMS to any network with 4GB of data valid for 30 days.

Data vouchers
This is the new MTN service plan. The internet service bundle has a free voucher with a 10% bonus of 150 MB per month at only GHc 5. The data vouchers are also offered at various MTN branches. However, you have to dial *125# or simply 125 to subscribe and activate.

How much is MTN unlimited data in Ghana?
What you get is determined by how much you are willing to part with. But then, note that the least you can get is 400 MB at GHc 10. You can also get 1 GB at GHc 20 or 6 GB at GHc 80. Alternatively, if you can spare as much as GHc 399, you will get up to 200 GB of data.

Several juicy offers are available to subscribers to MTN services. Photo: @MTNGhana
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To activate and subscribe to this data bundle, dial *138#, select 1 and choose the Pay Monthly Internet bundles option. After that, follow the prompts to select your MTN data bundle plan from the options. The monthly unlimited internet data validity is usually between 30 and 45 days for most subscription offers.

Business Broadband Unlimited
The new MTN Business Broadband is a package specially designed for SMEs, SOHOs, and other business customers within Fibre broadband locations. It allows subscribers to choose from different standard or customised packages based on their business needs. Good enough, it allows multi-payment access via MTN MoMo, MTN Airtime and many other third-party channels.

Based on your budget, your business can choose monthly unlimited data packages with speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 60 Mbps. Below is a variety of affordable and flexible packages you can choose from:

* If you want to access the package with a speed of up to 10Mbps, you will pay GHc 655.91;
* Subscribers who want to get up to 20 Mbps speed will pay GHc 958.64;
* Subscribers who want to get up to 30Mbps speed will pay GHc 1,715.45;
* Anyone willing to pay GHc 3,531.82 will enjoy up to 40 Mbps speed;
* Lastly, subscribers who want to get up to 60 Mbps speed will pay GHc 4,036;

Nevertheless, note that irrespective of the package you subscribe to, you will enjoy the service for 30 days

How to transfer data from MTN to MTN
Instead of giving your siblings or friends some cash or transferring credit for a data subscription for their smartphones, you can share part of your data. All you need do is send a text to 131 in this format: Transfer-phone number of recipient-amount of data Alternatively, you can dial *131*phone number*amount of data#

MTN Sunday special code
The Sunday special is an MTN initiative that allows customers to maximise talk time on the phone with their loved ones at a low price. This service used to be made available only on Sundays. However, you can now enjoy it daily once you activate it on your phone. To activate, dial *550* on your phone or text START to 550 in the form of shortcodes.

You should note a few things, depending on how much you want to enjoy the offer. These are explained below:

* If you pay GHc 1.06, you will enjoy 20 MB of data, free on-net calls and SMS between 00:01 a.m and 11:59 p.m on Sundays.
* If you pay s GHc 0.52 pesewas, you will enjoy free on-net calls and SMS between 00:01 a.m and 5:59 p.m on Sundays.
* If you pay GHc 2.12, you will enjoy free on-net calls and SMS between 00:01 a.m and 11:59 p.m on Sundays. If you are a Bouquet subscriber, you will enjoy additional 15 minutes off-net calls and 50MB of data.

How to get free data on MTN in Ghana
Some users try to take advantage of operational and technological glitches to hack and give themselves free MTN internet service in what is usually referred to as CHEAT! This is wrong to get data as it is illegal and dishonest.

As an MTN Ghana user, you do not need to stress knowing such dubious activity; MTN sometimes gives its customers free MTN unlimited bundles, although it may come with conditions.

It is almost inevitable to purchase and subscribe to an MTN unlimited data plan in Ghana, especially if your daily activities entail surfing the internet. Therefore, knowing the benefits of some of these data plans is essential to maximise the personal benefit obtained as a user.

As part of the efforts to simplify processes for subscribers, MTN Ghana has several shortcodes that you can use. As published on, these codes remove the burden of struggling to remember long methods of carrying out specific activities on the service provider’s network.

Whether you want to top-up airtime, subscribe or check data balance, or even talk to a customer care representative, there is a code to use. Therefore, check out the post to find out about this.

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