How To Contact Facebook Support

Contacting Facebook support, for one reason or another is easy to do. You just have to follow simple steps that take into account the kind of Facebook account that you have.

Yes, you can directly contact Facebook support. If you have a specific concern that you need to answer, you may directly go to Facebook support from your individual account or business account.

Simple Google Search
The quickest way to contact Facebook Support is to do a Google search. Google the phrase ‘how to contact Facebook support’ and you should be directed towards the Help Center of Facebook. The image below is what the search results would look like.

The search results vary depending on your location, the cookies on your browser, and some other factors. However, there are a couple of common denominators that are found on every search result, as indicated on the image below:

When you select number 1 or the main page of the Help Center you will be brought to the primary Help Center page where your general query may be answered by simply typing in your question on the search bar.

There are two search bars on the main page of the Help Center so it will not be a problem to search for your concern.

If your concern is related to how you can contact Facebook support for a specific problem, key in the question on any of the two search bars and you will be redirected to different answers.

If you run a business on Facebook and you are looking for specific answers to your query, you may contact Facebook for Business by choosing the second option under the Facebook for Business link.

You will then be redirected to the main Facebook Business Help Center where you will find the different options to help you with your problem.

Once you are in the main Facebook Business Help Center, you can use the search bar to ask for the specific question that you may have. You may also scroll further down to see the different options that you have to cater for specific needs.

To choose a category, simply click on the Learn More button.

You will be redirected to the specific answers related to the category.

For Facebook for Business, there is a recent update that Facebook has been working on so clients can contact support quicker. Currently, you can get support through email while the system is working on a live chat option.

Based on Facebook’s Help Center, in order to access the Commerce Manager, you need to go through the following steps, in verbatim and lifted from Facebook itself:

1. In the Overview or Education tabs, select Contact Support.
2. Select Contact Support.
3. Use the dropdown to choose the topics you need help with.
4. Write your message.
5. Select either Chat or Email as your Preferred Contact Method.
6. Select Send.

Most businesses choose to go for email as their first option. This way, you can collect your thoughts and see to it that you have properly stated your problem.

As a second step, some business managers also go to try and chat with an agent to address their problem right away. This also takes some time depending on the availability of the agents.

A more direct approach to contact Facebook support is to choose the option ‘Contact Facebook’ on your search results.

When you click on ‘Contact Facebook’, you will be redirected to the Help Center where most questions are already provided with answers.

If you are looking to ‘Report Something’ on Facebook and you have no idea how to do it, you can opt for the fourth option on the search results.

When you report something on Facebook, it is for a number of reasons. Facebook always tries to moderate content and keep everything proper. If you see anything that is not at par with the community standards or even your own standards, you can always ask Facebook to check it out and see how you can no longer see such content in the future.

If you are on Facebook and you want to contact Support, you can go to the arrow pointing down at the right side of the screen, click it and you will automatically be shown a drop-down menu.

Click on Help and Support and you will be redirected to the specific ways to contact Facebook support.

Choose the one that you need and you will easily be redirected to the answer to your query.

There are a lot of different ways to contact Facebook support. The Help Center is available for the specific needs that you may have, as an individual and as a business.

Do you know of some other specific ways to contact Facebook?