How To Transfer A Domain From GoDaddy

When a domain is transferred, the nameservers associated with the domain will stay the same (e.g., and However, since the domain is no longer with the old registrar, the old registrar’s nameservers will stop responding to queries for your domain. This will cause downtime until you switch your domain to our DNS.

Learn how to reduce downtime during transfers in this article.

NOTE: If you are using a third-party DNS such as your hosting company, the domain transfer will not cause any downtime issues, because DNS server settings will not change during the transfer.

Before placing a transfer request with us, you’ll need to obtain an Auth Code (if applicable) from GoDaddy and you will need to make sure that the domain is unlocked.

If you already have your code, log into your account, and click the banner below. If you haven’t, continue on to step 1 to find out how to unlock your domain.

Please don’t forget to disable any GoDaddy privacy protection plan you may have in place for your domain.

1. Unlock GoDaddy Domain

* Login to your GoDaddy account; Important: Please make sure to switch to the ‘Advanced list’ view.

* Next to Domains, click Manage All:

* Select the domain(s) to unlock and click the Off radio button next to Lock:


Important: There’s a 60-day lock feature that prevents transfers out of GoDaddy any time updates to the First and Last name, Organization name or Email address fields are made for the Registrant contact info set. Updates to any other piece of contact information should not trigger this feature. See this article (/help/change-domain-contact-information-418) for more details on updating contact information for domains at GoDaddy.

For cases where the 60-day lock has been placed on a domain name, GoDaddy provides a special process to remove this lock. Contact GoDaddy’s ‘Review 60’ department at to have them review the case and remove the lock, if possible.

2. Obtain GoDaddy Auth Code

* Login to your GoDaddy account;
* Next to Domains, click on Manage All;
* Select the domain for which you need an Auth Code and click on Domain Settings:

* Scroll down to Additional Settings and click on Get authorization code

The Auth code will be sent to the Admin email address of your domain.


3. Disable GoDaddy Whois Privacy Protection (If Applicable)
If Whois Privacy Protection service for the domain is enabled, you will also need to disable it. When GoDaddy privacy protection is enabled, it is against their policy to allow domain transfers. Any GoDaddy Domain transfer requests submitted while DomainsByProxy is active, will be declined.

NOTE: Private Registration cancellations are irreversible. This means that once canceled, it can’t be enabled back and, if you decide to stay with GoDaddy, the private registration needs to be purchased again.

How to cancel Domains By Proxy Service with GoDaddy
* Login to your GoDaddy account;
* Next to Domains, click Manage All;
* Select the domain for which you need to cancel Domains By Proxy Service and click on Domain Settings:

* Scroll down to Contact Information and click the Remove Privacy link, then select Yes, Remove Privacy:

Once the domain name is unlocked and you have received your Auth Code, you may initiate the transfer to Namecheap. Please refer to this article for more information on how to transfer a domain to us.

4. How to Accept GoDaddy Transfer
Once the transfer request has been placed and the process has been initiated at the registry level (usually takes up to 20 minutes), you should be able to accept the transfer on GoDaddy’s side to speed up the process:

* Log in to your Account Manager;
* Next to Domains, click Manage;
* From the Domains menu, select Transfers;
* Click on Pending Transfers Out and select the domain name(s) you are transferring out of GoDaddy;
* Select Accept and click OK. The request will be processed within 15 minutes.

That’s it!