How To Use Mage Support Mobile Legends

Hero support is needed on the team. His job in maintaining the team is very much needed and has a big effect on the team. However, this support hero is rarely used, and many consider this role boring. Here we will discuss about How to Use Mage Support Mobile Legends, which you can try. There are several ways you can try when you want to become Mage support on mobile legends, you can see below.

Hero support is very exciting to play, because besides you are very important in your team you can also get MVP easily. To become an MVP, Support only has to have high team participation and lots of assists.

This makes Support a very easy role to play. However, his job is very important to be on the team. Support has an important task in maintaining the team, and roaming to help each lane and even opening the map.

There are also many Mage Heroes who can become support, and you could say the Mage Support heroes. Not many of these heroes have high defense, making them unable to become tanks. However, many mages have strong CC.

Mage Support doesn’t depend much on its durability. However, the skills possessed by mages in Mobile Legends, many have strong CC skills, to limit enemy movements.

This is very helpful for you in attacking the enemy. Not only that, unlike support which focuses on buying support items. Hero Mage Support, can provide higher damage in the late game later.

Here are several ways you can try, when you want to try using the Mage Support hero. Not much different from hero support in general, but there are a few things you can try.

Buy Support Items at the Beginning of the Game
At the beginning of the game, it’s a good idea to buy support items right away. Tier 1 support items are enough for you to use for the next few minutes. By buying this support item, you will not take the lane rations that you support.

Many players still don’t understand the use of support items. Many buy support items in the mid-game, which makes it difficult for the team to get gold.

Because of that, it’s better if you buy the support item at the beginning of the game. That way, if you want to help your Carry in farming, you won’t interfere with the gold the hero has.

Purchase Mana Regen Items
Many mage heroes need mana regen items. Because, the use of hero mage skills is very high which one is needed. By buying mana regen items, you can use skills more easily.

Not only that, you don’t need to go back to base again to fill in mana. Usually the mage hero also needs more mana. You also can’t take the blue buff, because many assassin heroes need mana or stamina.

Being on the lane for a long time really helps you to support. You also have to roam more often, so regen really helps.

Attacking Enemies Using Skills More Often
The enemy poke really helps you in pushing the enemy back. Many mage heroes have poke damage skills, and also strong CC. By attacking the retreating enemy, you can farm and race enemy Gold and exp.

You can also try zoning. Preventing the enemy from doing farming will make it difficult for the enemy to get exp and gold. Using skills and attacking enemies, can make them hesitate to advance

However, you also have to pay attention to the map. Usually when enemies have difficulty farming, they will call their friends to help them. So, you have to look at the map and try to attack more vigilantly.

Priority On Helping The Team Instead Of Killing
When you have the choice to kill enemy heroes or help the team, you must prioritize helping the team. As support, you don’t need to have a lot of kills.

As said before, to become an MVP, you need a lot of fight and assist partitions. With those two, you can become an MVP as Support. Not only that, by helping these heroes you can attack enemies at a later time.

Those are tips on how you can use when using Mage Support in Mobile Legends. If you want to try the Mage Support hero, you can try some of the heroes below.

Hero Mage Support.
Hero Mage Support in Mobile Legends is very much. Many mage skills have CC skills and area damage to harass enemies. There are also many heroes who can zoning enemies, making mages a flexible role

Of course, it depends on the hero you use. Not all mage heroes can become support, so you can try to see the skills they have, and see how you can support the team.

Below are some recommendations for heroes who can become Mage Support in Mobile Legends. If you want to try using a mage support hero, you can try one of the heroes below.


Selena is a Mage hero who can be an assassin, because she has high burst damage. This hero can be a support hero because he has a strong skill trap, as well as a stun that can reach more than 2 seconds.


Vale is a hero who is very flexible in its use. You can make the skill have a CC effect like airborne and also an effect that sucks the enemy. This is very useful at teamfight.


Aurora has a skill that can make enemies freeze with the skills it has. Not only that, this skill has a fairly broad AOE, so you can hit multiple enemies at once.

Those are tips on How to Use Mage Support in Mobile Legends, which you can try. By using this method, you can try Mage Support in Mobile Legends more easily. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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