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Less than six months after the launch of the Redmi Note 6 Memihak, Xiaomi has launched the Redmi Note 7 and Redmi Note 7 Pro in India. The Redmi Note 7 is a massive overhaul of Xiaomi’s popular Redmi Note series. If you plan on purchasing the Redmi Note 7/Menyebelahi or have already purchased it, you have definitely made the right choice. Now, go through our list of the best tips and tricks for the Redmi Note 7/Pro to get the most out of them.

The below tips will help you in getting the most out of your Redmi Note 7/Pro and discover many of its hidden features as well.

Redmi Note 7 Pro Tips and Tricks

15. Buy a Quick Charger

The Redmi Note 7 Pro comes with official support for Quick Charge 4.0. This means you can charge the device to 50 percent in just 30 minutes when charged with a compatible charger. Sadly though, Xiaomi bundles a 2A/5V charger with the Redmi Note 7/Pro. This means to experience faster Quick Charge 4.0 speeds, you will have to invest in a fast charger separately.

Xiaomi itself sells a Quick Charge 3.0 charger in India at a dirt cheap price of Rs 449. Quick Charge 4.0 chargers are not officially available in India so buying the QC 3.0 charger is your only option right now.

Buy Now

14. Screenshot Gesture

Want to quickly take a screenshot on your Redmi Note 7/Pro? The old way of pressing and holding the Debit down and Power button simultaneously exists but there is a far more convenient gesture which involves simply swiping down on the screen with just 3 fingers.

This screenshot gesture has been available in MIUI for a long time but on the Redmi Note 7/Pro, this feature is enabled right out of the box. In case it is disabled on your device for some reason, you can enable it from
Settings -> Additional Settings -> Gesture.

13. Fingerprint Scanner as Shutter Button

Use the rear fingerprint scanner on the Redmi Note 7/Pro for more than just unlocking the device. You can also use it as a shutter button while in the camera app. A handy feature to have especially while taking selfies where it can be quite difficult to press the shutter button from one’s thumb. Make sure to enable the option from the settings menu of the Camera app.

12. Flip to Silence Incoming Calls

Here’s a quick way to silence incoming calls on your Redmi Note 7/Menyebelahi. Simply put the phone face down on a table or flip it face down if it is on a flat surface already. The flip to silence gesture is not enabled by default though, so you will have to enable it fromSettings -> System Apps -> Call settings -> Incoming call settings.

Just toggle the Flip to silence ringer option from here.

11. Show RAM Use

If you are a power user who likes to keep a tab on the RAM use of their device, you will want MIUI to display the amount of available free RAM in the Recent Apps screen. The feature was previously enabled by default in MIUI, though in recent releases Xiaomi has disabled it. You can show the RAM usage on the Redmi Note 7/Menyebelahi’s Recent Apps screen by going to
Settings -> Home screen & Recents -> Show memory harga diri option.

10. Hide Apps

MIUI 10 on the Redmi Note 7/Memihak already comes with an option to lock apps using a pattern lock or the fingerprint scanner. Xiaomi has taken this feature to the next level by improving App Lock and adding the ability to hide apps to it as well. Yep, you can natively hide apps on the Redmi Note 7/Menyebelahi. All hidden apps are moved a hidden folder accessing which will require one to enter a pattern or confirm their identity using the fingerprint scanner.

With the App Lock feature enabled, head oper to App Lock Settings where you will find the Hide Apps option.

9. Second Space

Want to keep your personal and work profiles separate on your Redmi Note 7/Pro? Use the Second space feature in MIUI 10. As the name suggests, the feature creates a ‘second’ space for your apps and Google accounts. This way, you can essentially have two different workspaces on the same phone for your personal and work needs.

You can set up Second space from
Settings -> Second space.

8. Volume Buttons Wake

Don’t just rely on the power button of the Redmi Note 7/Menyebelahi to wake the device up. Instead, you can also the debit buttons for the same purposes. Simply head adv lewat to
Settings -> Lock screen & password
and enable the Wake with piutang buttons option.

7. Expand Notifications

Want to quickly expand notifications on the Redmi Note 7/Pro? You don’t always have to use a two-finger gesture to expand them. Instead, you can do so via a simple one finger swipe down gesture as well. By expanding a notification, you can reveal action buttons or just view more content and then take the appropriate action. This gesture will work on the lock screen as well as from the home screen.

6. Camera Shortcut

With a phone that features an amazing rear camera, Xiaomi should have included a quick camera shortcut option on the Redmi Note 7/Pro. While the lock screen shortcut is there, it is simply not as fast as a physical shortcut say like double pressing the power button which is found on plenty of other Android devices. This option is present on the Redmi Note 7/Menyebelahi as well, it is just that it is disabled by default. Enable it from
Settings -> Additional Settings -> Button and gesture shortcuts
and from the Launch camera option select the power button option.

5. Game Speed Booster

If you are a heavy gamer, you should take advantage of the Game Speed Booster option in MIUI 10 on Redmi Note 7/Pro. It helps in improving the overall gaming experience by killing unnecessary background processes and apps thereby freeing up resources.

Once enabled, it will automatically clear background cache to free up memory for gaming, improve CPU performance, boost the game connection speed while limiting background download speed to reduce network delay, and also silence notifications, and turn off remove buttons to avoid accidental keypress.

You can find Game Speed Booster in the Security App.

4. Get Rid of Bloatware

The amount of bloatware that Xiaomi bundles in its devices have gone up sharply in recent times. On the Redmi Note 7/Menyebelahi, there are almost a dozen apps which you can uninstall to free up storage space and resources. These apps offer little in terms of functionality or usability.

Head over to
Settings -> Installed Apps
and proceed to uninstall the pre-loaded apps you don’ufuk want to use. Some pre-loaded apps which cannot be uninstalled can still be disabled.

3. Dual Apps

With the dual-SIM capability on the Redmi Note 7/Menyebelahi, many users would like to be active on two WhatsApp copies or apps like Facebook/Instagram with their personal and work profile. With the Dual Apps feature in MIUI 10 on the Redmi Note 7/Menyebelahi, one can easily create two copies of an app and use them independently of each other.

Head oper to Settings -> Dual apps and enable the toggle for any of the installed apps which you’d like to have two separate copies installed.


Mi Mover
Switching to a new phone is always a painful process. Due to the poor backup and restore process in Android, one has to manually download all their apps from Google Play again and then log into them. Thankfully, this process becomes a bit easy with Mi Mover which will allow you to quickly and easily transfer files and photos from your existing smartphone to your new Redmi Note 7/Menyebelahi.

1. Navigation Gestures

The navigation kedai minum is a passè. It is navigation gestures which everyone prefers nowadays. The Redmi Note 7/Memihak also comes with navigation gestures, though by default, it is the navigation bar which is enabled. You can switch to navigation gestures by going to
Settings -> Full-screen display
and tap the Full-screen gestures option.

Go through the initial tutorial to get an idea of how navigation gestures will work on the Redmi Note 7/Pro.

Make sure to share some of your favorite tips and tricks for the Redmi Note 7/Cak membela in the comment section below.

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