Intel Optane Knowledge Alyosha Computer

A smart, adaptable system accelerator that delivers faster, smoother, and amazingly responsive computing experience.

See The Difference
A computer with Intel® Optane™ memory and a hard disk drive [HDD] delivers the best of both worlds: SSD-like performance12with mega storage capacity.

Accelerate Your Workflow
By learning and remembering the way you work, Intel® Optane™ memory can accelerate the things that matter most to you; turning your unique computing habits into productivity advantages. Now you can launch your web browser up to 5x faster14, open e-mail up to 5.8x13faster, and fire up your content rich presentations up to 3.8x16faster. Everything you do will feel faster, smoother, and easier.17

Wait Less, Do More
Intel® Optane™ memory in your PC delivers amazing responsiveness so you can start up quickly, open large media project files up to 4x faster18and save with virtually no lag. With responsive task switching across multiple applications, you can design, edit, and create with ease.17

Speed Up Your Gameplay
Rev your gaming experience with up to 65%19improvement in loading the next level, local access to your entire game library, and no manual file management (compared to a dual-drive system). When paired with a 1 TB HDD, Intel® Optane™ memory automatically accelerates your ability to load across the entire drive, enabling affordable, SSD-like performance12with plenty of space to store your favorite games.

Intel® Optane™ memory are available at Alyosha now.