IPhone 13 Pro Max PUBG Mobile 90 FPS Performance Test Crazy RESULTS

So I just recently tested the new 90 FPS mode that is now available in PUBG Mobile with the iPhone 13 Pro Max. I was pretty impressed with the results! For those curious I use Perfdog software to record FPS for IOS devices.

Anyways, starting with FPS, I averaged practically 90 FPS which is very good! For those wanting precise numbers, after 27 minutes of playing I averaged 89.8 FPS. I didn’t notice any frame drops during gaming. As for GPU, again the iPhone handles this graphics setting with ease. This device only used 44% of its GPU which is crazy impressive! This seems to be no challenge for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Last, the iPhone also impressively uses only only 2 watts of power which confirms my theory that 90 FPS mode in PUBG Mobile is too easy for this device.

For those who follow my posts and gaming tests, if you saw my recent video/post on catalyst black, I thought the iPhone 13 Pro Max wasn’t able to hold a steady FPS rate above 60 due to its dynamic refresh rate (promotion display) and what is stated on their developer website (meaning, based on fast you play + animations determines FPS rate). However, it appears game developers actually can still code their games to force the iPhone to lock on to a steady rate! Meaning, devs can code their games to use the smallest animations to activate the high frame rate consistently. This wasn’t the case for Catalyst Black, I had to play aggressively and very fast to produce animations that then activated the 120 FPS. Anyways, let me know your thoughts.

If your curious and want to see the test for yourself, check out the link as reference: /sU-5uiSvObs

Thanks for reading 😊