Join The Axie Infinity Creator Program

Sky Mavis, the developer of the blockchain game Axie Infinity, has announced a first-of-kind web3 creator program designed to support creators and contributors who have helped grow the Axie ecosystem. The Creator program will track all creators regularly involved in Axie Community and reward them with awards and monetary support. To implement this system, Axie has partnered with QU3ST to build the initial infrastructure for the Axie Creator Program.

The Axie Creator program aims to identify and extend support to creators/contributors who regularly interact in the Axie Discord channel and participate in Axie competitions and events. The Axie Creator community will have access to exclusive events, news, initiatives, patches, and game feature discussions where they can suggest how to scale up the Axie Infinity ecosystem by providing valuable ideas and feedback.

In addition, the program will reward creators through monetary, non-monetary benefits, social media spotlight, and exclusive access to events. Axie Infinity is known for bringing up unique events on its platform and has launched other community programs in the past, such as Lunancian Codes, IRL meetup Grants, AXS Leaderboard rewards, and the Builders Program. There will be different phases of the program, which will involve feedback sessions with creators to help build the Creator program.

How can you join the program?
Everyone is eligible to participate in the Axie Creator program; however, the program is mainly aimed at content creators, creative artists, editors, memers, developers, guild leaders, event organizers, competitive players, and niche communities. Axie believes everyone should participate in the value they help create; therefore, communities are an integral part of a web3 gaming ecosystem. Hence if you are a creator and can help evolve the Axie community, you will surely be rewarded.

There are two phases of the program. Phase 1 involves establishing processes to collect feedback from the participants, and in Phase 2, meaningful support to creators will be provided based on Phase 1. The whole program requires regular involvement and feedback from the community. At the end of Phase 1, Axie will decide how to provide support to the community of creators.

To join the Axie Creator Program, you must join the Axie Infinity Discord Channel and introduce yourself in the Creators Program #chat thread. From then onwards, you need to engage with the Axie Creator program staff regularly. Axie staff will analyze your engagement and track your progress based on output, reach, quality, and growth metrics. During Phase 2, regular events and prompts will be made to help you showcase your contributions.

You must also fill out this intakeformand provide your discord username to help the team track your progress.

How will creators be rewarded?
Rewards will be provided to creators when the team finds you actively engaging in the Discord server, participating in regular discussions, and providing valuable suggestions. A creator’s progress will be measured based on activity on the platform of choice, quality of contribution, and engagement in prompt events.

Based on these data, the team will reward creators in two ways. One is through non-monetary benefits, including access to exclusive patches, events, and initiatives; the other is monetary grants. The rewards program will be expanded after initial feedback from the participants.

QU3ST partnership
QU3ST is a company that helps web3 gamers become community designers and content creators by providing them with infrastructure. Axie has decided to collaborate with QU3ST for the next six months of the program. QU3ST will help build the initial infrastructure for the Axie Creator program. QU3ST and Axie Infinity Regional Managers will together handle the program to maintain fairness and balance.

What are the events for creators?
As a part of the Axie Creator program, Axie announced hosting a couple of sessions over some weeks. The sessions include community discussions on Twitter spaces, Discord stages, and commonwealth posts to empower the creator community. Axie wants to learn more from the community about what suits them the most through these sessions. The session details are as follows:

* June 16, 12 pm EST – Twitter Spaces on @AxieInfinity
* June 16, 6 pm EST – LatAm Discord Stage in Axie Spanish Discord
* June 16, 9 pm EST – Discord Stage in official Axie Discord
* June 17, 12 am EST – Japanese Twitter Spaces on @AxieJPOfficial
* June 19, 9 am EST – PH Twitter Spaces on @axiephofficial

What is Axie Infinity?
Axie Infinity is a blockchain game developed by Vietnamese Studio Sky Mavis. In the game, players have to get small monster NFTs called Axies and use them in battles. Players can engage in real-time battles against other players or the computer. In addition, you can trade the Axies on the game’smarketplacefor real money. Axie Infinity is built around NFT items, and you cannot play the game unless you buy three Axie NFTs and create your first team. The game runs on the Ethereum blockchain, and you need a Ronin wallet to play the game. AXS or Axie Infinity Shard is the native governance token of Axie and has already hit a total NFT transaction volume of $2 billion. You can play the game on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.