List Of Games Supported By Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is a patcher for Android that lets you have more control over smartphone functions and installed applications. It can be downloaded and installed for free and works correctly with several games. We have listed them below so that you can get to know them and have them clear.

Note that using Lucky Patcher with some of the following games will keep the achievements, while others will disable them due to the use of this application on them. Trophies are kept in all of the following ones.

Age of wind 3
Multiplayer battles in the ocean, where we must sail and cross the seven seas in search of missions to complete, weapons and ships to unlock, and much more to do. Improving your skills and becoming the king of pirates will be easier if you use Lucky Patcher.

Bee Brilliant
A game focused on exploring the world of bees in the form of a series of puzzles that we must solve to advance to unlock the 6 game modes and its 200 levels. Something that can be easily achieved by using the available tricks without losing achievements.

Bio Inc. – Biomedical Game
Given the times, you may have wondered if you should have been a biomedical doctor. Combining medicine with science can be very stimulating and even more so if you manage to save lives as a result. Well, this is exactly what this game proposes with up to 18 different levels, letting us get a series of improvements to face the realistic biomedical conditions that we face in case we use the available tricks.

Build Away! -Idle City Builder
Building your own city sounds great, but it makes it even better if options such as automating creation processes, collecting money, and getting special items are available from the start thanks to Lucky Patcher.

Brothers: Clash of Fighters
A fighting game with a boxing ring of a gym where we can train and fight to become the local champion. With arcade mode, tournament, 8 characters, and much more, cheats let us unlock all the content from the beginning and effortlessly.

Bloons TD Battles
Fun strategy game where we must face against a monkey (yes, we also play one) in face to face with up to 27 types of battles to unlock, 22 towers of monkeys, and 16 achievements that will not be removed even if we use this patcher.

Can Knockdown 3
Do you have good aim and puzzle-solving skills? Because you are going to need them in this successful game that already has over 30 million downloads and where we can challenge a friend to play with us so we can show off our skills. Lucky Patcher can help us with multipliers, bonuses, and more.

Chhota Bheem : The Hero
A boy just 9 years old fights to protect his village. Using the help of various allies, you must face the enemies that cross your path in over 50 levels. In this case, tricks will help us unlock special items used by the protagonist.

Cricket Hungama 2016
If you like cricket, this may be your game, since it is based on this sport and offers multiple options to explore it in depth. Thanks to Lucky Patcher, we will be able to unlock the equipment more easily, something that will give us multiple options from the beginning.

Deadly Fight: Fighting Game
A fighting game where we can unlock up to 30 different fighters (yes, easier and faster with Lucky Patcher) to travel to up to 15 locations around the world, and play a series of intense fights where we will have to develop a strategy if we want to be the first to get the knockout.

Dictator 2
You play the role of a young man with unlimited power (even more in case you use the tricks and have all the options available from the very beginning). With up to 6 factions available and the opportunity to build an army, step into the shoes of a dictator with many opportunities in his career.

Farm Away! – Idle Farming
If you like farm games, this one is ideal for you. In addition, thanks to the tricks, you can get better quality tools from the beginning so you can get rid of annoying processes such as crop irrigation and enjoy what you like most on your farm.

Fruit Ninja Free
A very popular game based on cutting as many fruits as possible that appear on the screen while avoiding hitting the bombs with your sword. With different skills and levels to unlock, using tricks simplifies the action and lets us modify the ninja experience to our liking.

Gun Strike 2
With up to 27 different types of mercenaries and 41 weapons to unlock, this shooter lets you build your own team to advance through a series of levels where you can earn rewards. If you want to get a head start from the beginning: do not hesitate and use Lucky Patcher.

Hunger Games: Panem Run
Running and traveling through up to twelve different districts randomly generated levels is what this game based on The Hunger Games offers us. If you loved the books or the movies, you cannot miss the opportunity to discover this game under the “Running Games” label.

Hungry Shark Evolution
A hungry shark… and you are in control. While enjoying beautiful underwater landscapes and changing the style of your shark, you can use the tricks to have everything unlocked from the beginning and discover that the ocean has no limits.

Invention City
Creating buildings to eventually design a city is what this game is based on. Featuring 50 levels and 10 characters available, we can get the full interior design package if we use the Lucky Patcher tricks.

Injustice: Gods Among Us
DC heroes and villains face off in frenetic, action-packed 3-on-3 combat that you can enjoy online or compete against the CPU for practice. This is one of the best games available on the whole list, but to be able to play it well, you will need a good Android device with the right features.

Mad Day – Truck Distance Game
Fighting aliens with the help of a truck and other powerful vehicles is a curious premise. And it becomes even more interesting if we can unlock trucks and other powerful vehicles with the help of Lucky Patcher to have all the weapons available from the beginning to face the alien invasion.

Monster Defender
Defend your Castle and protect your lands from the invasion of the monsters of darkness, who are attacking relentlessly. Unlock new weapons, spells, and up to 5 realms in the traditional way or even quickly with Lucky Patcher.

Just Shout
Survival and fighting in up to 30 challenging but interesting levels that set us under the skin of John Shout, an American bulldog fighter. Firearms, knives, and even flamethrowers await us in this game that we can enjoy without limits thanks to the cheats.

Use different weapons, strategies, and upgrades to defeat all the opponent robots. The cheats, in this case, let us get some advanced features such as quality weapons and all the boosts available for free as long as we use the Lucky Patcher features.

Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble
Become the king of thieves in this game that features up to 100 levels and a variety of underworld gadgets that can be unlocked gradually, or follow the spirit of the game and use simpler and quicker tactics to get what you want.

Smash Cops Heat
Play as a policeman and beat a series of dangerous missions involving different types of fast and challenging vehicles that are fun to drive. You can use Lucky Patcher to unlock different types of cars and other options as soon as you get the police medal and start patrolling the virtual streets.

Street Fighting 2: Multiplayer
Street fighting is an online multiplayer experience where we find different game modes and powers, as well as equipment that can be unlocked and customized at will, making things easier thanks to the available cheats.

Stick War: Legacy
Einstein once said, “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones” Well, something similar is happening in this game, where we have to build our units, learn the way of the sword, archer, or giant to unlock different modes and win the fight. Especially recommended to comic book lovers, as this is its special graphic style.

Stunt Car Racing
Stunts while driving and a store with everything available for free if we use the patcher we are talking about. With different vehicles, from a simple bike to a monster truck, the track is ours and the options are unlimited.

Swamp Attack
Shrek taught us how to defend our swamp from invaders, and now it is time to put it into practice in this curious game where monsters, aliens, crocodiles, and more will attack us. Unlocking weapons and earning money is something useful to face them, so Lucky Patcher will help us in this task.

Tank ON 2 – Jeep Hunter
Tanks and their powerful weapons to defend the base from waves of enemies. Protect yourself with force fields, turrets, and other defenses that you can unlock slowly or directly thanks to Lucky Patcher and the tricks it offers.

The Factory
If your dream is to build and run your own factory, this simulator is the one for you. Like other similar cases mentioned above, you can automate processes and get money and other advantages if you use the features available thanks to the patcher. Quicker, easier, and cheaper.

Build a city and manage it with all that it entails. You will have to learn how to manage the economy of the place and keep it running, but you know that tricks always make the job easier and it will be much simpler if we make use of the patcher.

Tower Madness 2: 3D Defense
As its name suggests, it is a game focused on defending a tower from enemy attacks. There are 70 maps available, 7 campaigns, 9 towers, and 16 different types of aliens in a great range of possibilities that suddenly become available to us when using Lucky Patcher, not to mention the wide arsenal of weapons.

Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops
A military game focused on offering a realistic experience where we can command tanks, helicopters, and much more. Enjoy this experience with all the different types of levels and game systems unlocked so you can get as much freedom to enjoy the militia as you want and without barriers thanks to the available cheats.

Unfinished Mission
Our mission is to save innocents and kill a series of enemy soldiers in 3D scenarios, in this game, we have a series of advantages such as unlocking the best weapons easily in case we use Lucky Patcher and the options it offers.

Watch out Zombies!
One of the first zombie games on this list. In this case, it lets us play the role of a young man or woman who must escape from these beings while managing to get run over and out of the way by a series of cars. With 7 different zombies, 25 challenges, and 20 features to unlock, it all gets a lot easier if you use cheats.

Zombie Catchers
Kill and hunt Zombies, as simple as that. Unlock new gadgets and weapons easily with the cheats so you can be unstoppable and no undead will be able to face you. In fact, this game was rated as one of the top 10 in up to 90 countries last year 2021, so it has the quality stamp of many players.

Zombie Squad
Something similar to the previous ones, but this time focused on the vehicle you drive, that can be customized, and you can use the cheats to have all the available options as soon as possible to finish with the Zombies stylishly and originally.

Zombie’s Got a Pogo
Another Zombies game, but in this case, focused on playing as a zombie and jumping with a pogo. Avoid accidents while advancing and reaching the finish line. And in case you want to unlock the 8 different zombies and 17 types of pogos from the start, you know what to do.

Zombie Highway 2
Survival is our ultimate goal in most Zombie games, and this one is no exception. A long dusty road lies before our eyes and our goal is to run over as many zombies as possible to finish them off and clear the way to freedom. With cars, weapons, and more to unlock, Lucky Patcher can help us.