List Of Support Packages Available For International Students In Australia

Monash University
Monash University has announced a $15 million Student Compassionate and Hardship Package for students suffering financial hardship due to COVID-19.

In this package, eligible students can apply for up to $7500 in grants. You can find more details about the package here.

La Trobe University
La Trobe University has launched a $550,000 COVID-19 Financial Assistance Program for the onshore students who are struggling during this crisis.

All students studying on-shore at La Trobe University can apply for these payments:

* Crisis Support Bursary one-off payment of $3,000 to support students suffering from significant financial crisis or housing insecurity.
* Technology Bursary designed to help you get essential equipment to enable you to continue your studies

For more information head to this page.

Swinburne University
Swinburne University has set up a Swinburne Student Emergency Funds where students can get a one-off payments of up to $1000 if they are impacted by this health pandemic. For eligibility and application you can check this page.

RMIT University
RMIT’s has set up a Student Hardship Assistance and Equity Scholarship funds to support in total up to $10 million for students impacted by COVID-19.

Students can apply for two types of grants:

1. Emergency Financial Grant

For students who are impacted by job loss, housing insecurity or other financial matters associated with COVID-19.

2. Technology Grant

For students who need access to essential IT equipment to continue studying remotely, including hardware, software, subscriptions, data, internet and digital materials for up to $1,000.

For detailed information, check here.

Victoria University
Victoria Universities COVID-19 Student Support Fund has been set up to provide students with three options for one-off grants:

* Emergency financial grant for students impacted by self-isolation/quarantine requirements or job losses up to the value of $100.
* Technology grant to support students in pursuing studies that have transitioned to digital platforms up to the value of $100.
* Crisis housing support for rental assistance grants up to the value of $500.

Further information head to this page.

Deakin University
Deakin University has developed a support response to the COVID-19 for the students struggling in this time frame by committing $25 million. Deakin Financial Assistance has been set up to provide both financial and non-financial support.

You can find more details about the program after signing from this link.

University of Melbourne
University of Melbourne has launched two support programs for the students impacted by COVID-19. These support programs are known as COVID-19 Emergency Support Fund and COVID-19 Student Support Fund.

The maximum benefit of these support programs are limited to the amount $7,500. For more information visit this page.

Federation University
Federation University has developed a Coronavirus Special Assistance Scheme for the students covering:

* Weekly assistance of up to $300 each (for up to five weeks)
* Funding for computer and/or technology assistance for students who are unable to study remotely
* FedLiving accommodation assistance
* Student Tuition Fee due-date extensions

For further information, check here.