Muat Turun USBController Pada PC

USB-Controller, datang daripada pembangun teraKUHN, sedang berjalan pada sistem Android pada masa lalu.

Kini, Anda boleh bermain USB-Controller pada PC dengan GameLoop dengan lancar.

Muat turunnya dalam pustaka GameLoop atau hasil carian. Tiada lagi melihat bateri atau panggilan yang mengecewakan pada masa yang salah lagi.

Hanya nikmati USB-Controller PC pada skrin besar secara percuma!

USB-Controller Pengenalan
Turn your smartphone into a microcontroller. The USBController app is for controlling hobby lights or motors through an Android device’s USB-OTG (On The Go) port. This app allows you to set (turn on) or clear (turn off) up to eight signals (Data D0 through D7). To use this app, you need to plug together your own harness from an Android device with USB-OTG hardware support to a IEEE-1284 parallel printer port. You do not need a separate Arduino controller as other apps require. After that you need to build your own light or motor interface to the parallel ports binary outputs. For more details, please visit /phone_usb_controller.html.

This app can also be used to determine if your Android device has USB-OTG hardware support. If you plug a USB-OTG adapter and a USB device into your Android device, this app can tell you if your device recognizes the USB device and will act as a USB host. If it doesn’t, then your Android device doesn’t have USB-OTG hardware support.

If you would like to develop more complex programs or if you don’t like advertisements, you can purchase the Pro version. While both the free and the Pro version include a Z80 simulator, only the Pro version allows you to open *.hex files with Z80 programs.

If you discover any bugs or have any suggestions, please email them to with ‘USBController’ in the title of your email.

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