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Skylake CPU in Kaby Lake Mobo?

So I have a diagnose and fix task. Found that the cause was that the customer stupidly put a Skylake CPU into a Z270 mobo. I remember that Kaby Lake 1151 has an extra 5v pin that should not connect on a Skylake CPU? Makes sense that it went boom. However I cannot rectify the issue to put in a Z170 mobo and the game claims that I’m putting in an inferior part?

I think this game is wrong. Sktylake = Z170, Kaby Lake = Z270. Intel has always forced it’s users to buy a new mobo everytime it releases a new CPU and vice versa. The game should let me put in a Z170 mobo to rectify the issue.

Last edited by RAMChYLD; 2 Jun, 2018 @ 8:30amNope, all skylake motherboards will take all kaby lake processors in real life (with a bios update). It’s even in the patch notes that they updated the game to reflect how this works in real life. That’s why it’s possible.

What about the other way around tho? The issue here is that I found a Skylake CPU in a Kaby Lake mobo. I seem to recall that it’s not possible because of an extra power pin or something? Unless I am confusing it for something else.

May be something else. Z270 boards are fully compatible with the older Skylake CPU’s and work just fine.

Idk anymore. I need a break from the game.

H110, B150, Z170, H210, B250 and Z270 are compatible with both Skylake and Kaby Lake. H310, B360, H370 and Z370 is another story though.

it’s like sandy bridge and ivy bridge back in the day.

Noted with thanks. Will delete the bug post.

There’s still the question of the benefit of using a Skylake CPU in a Kaby Lake mobo, but I’m going to let that slide for now, I’m confused and frustrated enough with the game as is.

Last edited by RAMChYLD; 2 Jun, 2018 @ 10:26pmThere isn’t a benefit; just the fact that a Skylake will work fine on a Kaby Lake motherboard without issue.

Date Posted: 2 Jun, 2018 @ 8:30am

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