Play Flash Games On Android Comfortably With These Browsers

Photon Browser. (Image Credit: Gadget Hacks)If you thought flash games were limited to computers only, think again. The well-known online games are now compatible with Android phones and you can continue with your gameplay in the school bus, or on your way to work.

Even so, not all browsers support flash games and flash players. Knowing the right browsers that support such online games on Android will give you exposure and a great deal of knowledge about this gaming platform.

Alternatively, you can install Adobe flash player on your Android device manually; but installing the compatible browsers would be the most convenient option for you. Below is a brief summary of 5 browsers that support flash content on Android.

This fast player that allows any form of video browsing and flash gaming does not need the installation of any flash plugin. The good thing about photon browser that distinguishes it from the rest, is that it has a button to activate flash support; a much cooler way of separating the normal browser, and the flash support entities.

You can download the Photon browser on the play store for free, or upgrade to the premium package which doesn’t have any ads. It is more fun since it has advanced customization options; changing of themes, colors, backgrounds and automatic erasing of browsing history.

With an extremely fast experience in browsing, the puffin browser not only provides flash support, and remote technology, but also has a virtual trackpad that makes the whole experience similar to the desktop. How great would it be to play free games online on a browser that has a gamepad?

At only USD$2, it will truly be worth your while

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If you value sleek designs and simple interfaces, the flash fox is the right android browser for you. Its light, simple menu with a navigable architecture makes it similar to Chrome for Android. Other than the remarkable support for the flash player and flash games, it also offers a great browsing experience. You can also keep your data synced between devices through the Firefox sync.

Claiming to be one of the best browsers for advanced Android devices, the dolphin browser incorporates gesture technology and even a multiple tab options to open countless tabs at the same time. Instead of swiping left and right through the old-fashioned way, you can navigate through flash games using gestures, tilting and flipping the phone like a book.

The browser also darkens the screen to save power, downloads and supports any flash content, saves the bandwidth and removes ads.

Using the boat browser almost feels like using a combination of all the Android browsers. It has managed to combine the greatest tools in bookmarks management, such as; drag and drop, batch delete, import-export, new folder, and synchronization as well as add-ons to make it more powerful.

Ultimately, the voice command and voice recognition features make flash games so interactive and easy to play.

The different types of browsers mentioned above are capable of delivering superior results for any gamer out there, and even help give new meaning to the flash support features. Try them out and choose your favorite.