Solved No More IPhone Getting Hot While Charging With MagSafe Wireless Charger

Almost every iPhone user that charges with MagSafe has complained how their devices get incredibly hot within a few minutes of commencing charging. Have you had the experience, too? I guess you were worried that if this overheating does not stop, it might damage your battery.

Your worries are not baseless because excessive heat and battery optimum performance are not friends. If you often charge with MagSafe and your iPhone keeps getting hot, it may quickly spell doom for your iPhone’s battery.

Before even trying to bring forward the solution to this common issue, it’s critical to understand why your iPhone gets hot when charging with MagSafe Wireless Charger.

Why Does Your iPhone Get So Hot When Charging With Wireless MagSafe?
Not all the energy generated when charging wirelessly with MagSafe gets transmitted to the battery at once. The reason is that the circular magnetic ring where the snapping occurs is too small to let in all the energies generated at once. Some of these energies get converted to heat, increasing your iPhone’s temperature as soon as charging commences.

The heat generated while charging wirelessly is minimal, but it often worsens if you use the phone as you charge it. For example, assuming you’re recording a video or making a video call while charging, the heat generated will be more than if you were charging and your iPhone is switched off.

When many apps run underground simultaneously, especially for a long time, you can also expect your iPhone to be hot. The iOS is doing extra work to keep these apps functioning, contributing to the heat you feel when charging.

So, a phone running multiple apps and charging with MagSafe will be hot. However, it doesn’t take away that MagSafe chargers are among the best charging options to extend your battery life. You can minimize and even eliminate the overheating heating problem by purchasing the right type of MagSafe wireless charge.

CryoBoost: An Innovation that Works
One innovative answer to the overheating problem that occurs while charging with a MagSafe charger was conceived by ESR. Codenamed CryoBoost, this technology helps to dissipate heat and cool your iPhone through its inbuilt fan. The result is faster charging and a “healthy” battery that has worked for many years.

Look no further if you’re wondering where to get these MagSafe products with CryoBoost to cool and charge your iPhone faster. In the section below, I will recommend three ESR MagSafe products with CryoBoost that helps to cool your Apple devices when charging.

> CryoBoost MagSafe Chargers to Eliminate Overheating While Charging


* CryoBoost Fast Charging
* Phone Cooling Tech
* Charges iPhones and AirPods
* Strong Magnetic Connection
* Dark Charging Mode that is Sleep-Friendly

Beyond just having the CryoBoost technology to cool your iPhone and charge it faster than others, you can see the stable stand that comes with this product. You can charge your device and watch your favorite video simultaneously. That aside, the manufacturer named this a 2-in-1 product because apart from being able to charge iPhones 14,13, and 12, it also has AirPods Pro charging pads. Of course, that makes organizing your things easier, and you can travel with fewer loads. The product also works seamlessly with HaloLock MagSafe cases and Apple’s MagSafe case.

So, why should you buy this product? First, it offers an efficient charging solution for two Apple products – AirPods Pro/3/2 and iPhones 14/13/12. Second, the price is very competitive, as many MagSafe chargers that do not have this technology sell at higher prices. Unboxing this product, you will see a 1.5m cable, a manual, and an adhesive pad you can reuse.


* Charges iPhones, AirPods, and Apple Watch
* Powerful Magnetic Lock
* Sleep-Friendly
* CryoBoost Fast Charging
* 4 Hours Faster Than Apple’s Charger

You can take the charging of all your Apple products to the next level by purchasing this 3-in-1 wireless charger from ESR. In addition to the magnetic charging of iPhones and AirPods Pro that the first one affords, this product includes support for Apple Watch. So, once you get it, you can charge all these three Products – iPhones, Airpods, and Apple Watch – with it effortlessly. As with the 2-in-1 version earlier mentioned, this package also contains CryoBoost, which cools down your iPhone while charging.

The secured stand also means you can carry on with activities such as video calls and recordings while charging. You don’t have to carry any separate charger or buy a stand for your Apple Watch and iPhones because you get all these from this product at a quite affordable rate. If you want to charge at night and want to go stealthy, this wireless charger makes it possible. However, the CryoBoost does not work with this model.


* Powerful Magnets
* CryoBoost Fast Charging
* Secure Vent Mount
* Adjustable View

Driving and using your iPhone for navigation can be challenging without the right tools. This CryoBoost car wireless charger by ESR removes all the impediments to using your iPhone, even on rough roads. It offers the fastest charging for your iPhone 14/13/12 while driving and holds it in place through its secure vent mount.

With this car charger, you save at least 70 minutesthat other similar products would have taken to charge your device. One important highlight of this product is its freedom to choose the best viewing angle while driving. You can choose from portrait to landscape and the in-betweens.

Wrapping Up
Charging with a wireless MagSafe charger does not have to result in overheating your devices with the right charger. Every iPhone user needs the HaloLock wireless charger, but whether you purchase the 2-in-1 or 3-in-one package depends on whether you have the three items – iPhones, AirPods, and Apple Watch.

CryoBoost has indeed made charging faster, saving up to 1 hour or more than other chargers take. It also means you can enjoy your iPhone’s battery for a long time due to its cooling effect. So, you must budget for these charging accessories as you buy your Apple devices.