Taurus Ascendant Man The Stubborn Gentleman

The man with the Ascendant in Taurus will always keep his cool, no matter the situation. He would never show that he’s angry or stressed about something.

Kind and helpful, he usually gives very valuable advice for free. Not to mention he pays close attention when being spoken to because he doesn’t want to make small talk, he needs to have real and serious discussions.

Taurus Ascendant man in summary:

* Strengths: Courteous, persistent and eloquent;
* Weaknesses: Superstitious, imitative and prejudiced;
* Perfect Partner: Someone who is used to mind games;
* Life Lesson: To live more in the moment and not fear as much.

Many will find his stubbornness annoying
The Taurus Ascendant man is masculine, intelligent and balanced. There’s no one more honest and dependable than him, making everything seem under control when he speaks.

As a child, he probably dreamed of going to space or digging through archaeological sites.

The practical type, he will choose a profession that brings him the good money, but he will still pay great attention to his education. The thing is, he’s capable of both physical and intellectual work.

His entire youth, this man will give his best to make as much money as possible because he wants the most expensive things.

Taurus is known as a materialistic sign who loves the best wine and luxuries. The man with the Ascendant in this sign can talk about anything, even if he may not know the subject very well.

He doesn’t have too many friends because he wants to keep only a few people close to his heart. It’s possible he’ll open his own business because he’s good at making money and very organized.

If he won’t become an entrepreneur, it’s very likely he’ll be the manager or CEO at work because his employers will notice that he deserves such a position.

If you want to get used to what he projects about himself, you need to pay close attention to what he displays. Physically, he’s well-built and has many features that make him truly handsome.

Intelligent and supportive, the Taurus Ascendant man could never be called reckless or changeable. While a little bit slow at work, he’s the type who could deal with big projects all alone.

Many will find his stubbornness annoying, but at least they wouldn’t see it as a threat. It’s just a matter of how he sticks to what he believes in and how he wants the same routine for a lifetime.

It’s very difficult to change this man’s habits once he got used to have things done only one way.

The man with Ascendant in Taurus would also never lose himself in dreams because he’s too realistic for this to happen. He usually makes calm assessments and deals with a bad situation in the most efficient way.

For him, friendship is one of the most important things in someone’s life.

The Taurus Rising lover
He could charm anyone because he’s one of the most sensual personalities in the zodiac, but he’s too practical and even sarcastic, which can really scare the woman in his life.

He will easily be seduced because he’s crazy about lovemaking, just as he is about food and drinking. If he would fall in love, he would immediately talk about his feelings with the woman that he likes.

The man with the Taurus Ascendant is quite simple and absorbed by the everyday life, which means many members of the opposite sex will like him.

He wouldn’t mind if his lady would make the first step in getting him, and he would definitely get married if she’d suggest it.

He has so much passion and that many vices that he can end up broke or in the company of women who are only around him for his money.

He’s possessive but won’t fight with an opponent for the love of a woman because he would understand it’s only her choice.

When it comes to clothes, food and sex, he can be superficial and choose only what’s the most expensive or the woman who’s the most beautiful.

He looks for someone who isn’t only capable of deep feelings, but also financially stable. Not at all romantic, he still enjoys music and poetry because he knows beauty better than the inside of his pockets.

However, comfort and materials are more relevant to him because all that he wants is a good home and to afford everything he wants.

He couldn’t fall in love without having financial stability. He doesn’t mind trips to faraway places, so his partner can come up with any idea for the holiday, he will definitely go.

His partner needs to be gentle and kind because he really doesn’t like the vulgar and masculine type. He knows what he’s attracted to, which is beauty and mystery.

It’s impossible for the man with the Taurus Ascendant to ever doubt what he knows and wants, being very into women with sex appeal, smart and interesting.

He likes to play all kinds of mind games with a lady but wants her to be the type who usually agrees and has a lot of success when it comes to what she does for a living.

Women who are extreme are usually very attracted to him because he’s down-to-earth and quite their opposite.

They will simply never get tired of all his talking and amazement regarding what they are doing. He loves playing the knight in shining armor because he likes bringing stability and order to a chaotic person’s life.

His children will be loved, and his wife will have everything she wants as he would do anything for the comfort of his family.

Not the most spontaneous when it comes to sex, he would never cheat on the person he’s with. But he’s very jealous, so if you’re with him, don’t even think of smiling to another man.

This man is conservative when it comes to love. With this Ascendant he wouldn’t think of having an affair because not even his eyes would ever be on another woman besides the one he has at home.

He will look to make his relationship as traditional as possible, so he will want to get married, have children and a beautiful home. It’s important to mention he thinks of his closed ones as being his possessions.

Very jealous, he needs to be reassured of his soulmate’s love all the time. Before he leaves for work, the Taurus Ascendant man has to be certain that everyone at home is in good order.

Loyal and taking his responsibilities very seriously, he would do anything for the people he loves, no matter how much time he has spent with them.

Capable to last for a very long time in bed, he will drive any woman crazy with his endurance and sensuality.

What to remember about the Taurus Ascendant man
The man with the Taurus Ascendant does things slowly and gradually, but he’s very steady. Never hurrying to make decisions, he carefully weighs all the pros and cons before forming a final opinion or making a move.

He’s attentive and uses all of his five senses to analyze people and situations. Stubborn and sticking to his own opinions, it can be very difficult to have him change his mind about something.

This can annoy many people in his life, and his loved ones will use him as a model for stubbornness. It’s good that he would never try to impose himself on others, his opinions remaining only his.

He wouldn’t even think to make people do what they don’t want, being the type who accepts others and their decisions.

Wanting stability and peace, he would also never argue and is usually very calm. That’s why he most of the time has things under control, even if during his youth years, he will be very stressed about money.

His need for security is all about having a comfortable home, a job that pays well and a partner who’s all the time waiting for him.

Another thing to notice about the Taurus Ascendant is his governing planet, which is Venus. This means he wants to make others happy as often as possible.

He will want to indulge in the life’s pleasures each time he gets a chance, this making him seem superficial.

When it comes to his social life, he fights for a good position and seeks to have all of his friendships as stable as possible. Respecting the rules and wanting order, the Taurus Ascendant man will be the perfect man or friend for those who want to be next to someone whom they can trust.

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