Top 6 Solutions To Fix USB OTG Android Not Working

Setting up the connection between an OTG and an Android device is simple. Just connect the cable in the Micro USB slot, and attach the flash drive/peripheral at the other end. You’ll get a pop-up on your screen, and this means the setup has been done. But for some Android users, this seemingly easy process doesn’t go so smooth- for one reason or another. And this is pretty annoying, to say the least. Even after trying multiple times, they find the devices showing connection errors of “USB OTG android not working”, or worst no connected at all.

In this article, we’re about to solve this issue- giving you a rundown of key reasons why USB OTG Android is not working and how to fix it.

First, Identify the Root Cause

Well, if your struggle with the “usb otg android not working” error, the foremost thing you should do is to figure out where exactly the issue lies. Is it caused by your device or the OTG stick? To find this out, connect the OTG to some other device- a smartphone or a laptop.

Is it working fine there? If yes, it could mean the problem is in your phone. If no, the OTG is likely to be faulty and needs to be changed. In either case, you might be looking for a solution. So here you are!

Top 6 solutionsto fix USB OTG android not working

Check If Your Device Hardware Supports the USB OTG

To connect your phone with OTG USB, it’s a prerequisite that your phone supports the OTG standard. You can verify it by checking the phone hardware specs. Simply Google your phone model, and you can find various review sites giving full details of your phone’s specifications. Or contact your authorized service center and confirm if your phone’s hardware and software are suitable to get it connected with a USB OTG.

Another option is to try some thirst parts apps which can detect your device’s compatibility with OTG standard. One such popular app is USB OTG Checker. It can scan and test your device hardware and software versions to let you know if they are suitable and capable enough to connect an OTG.

Is Your Phone having a suitable OS version

Alongside the right hardware & drivers, your phone must have a suitable OS version for it to connect with an OTG. Remember, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 can be connected to a device supported by Android 3.1 and above. And aUSB Driver works only on Android 9.0 and higher.

Check OTG Settings

In many devices, there comes an “OTG setting” that needs to be enabled to connect the phone with external USB appliances. Usually, when you try to connect an OTG, you get an alert “Enable OTG”.

This is when you need to turn the OTG option ON. To do this, navigate throughSettings > Connected devices > OTG. Here, click on theOn/Off toggleto activate it.

Update the Apps and software

This is in a bid to cease down the possibility of some third-party app or software causing the issue. Make sure your phone software and apps are their latest versions. This trick is a ‘must-try’ if your phone used to connect to the OTG previously, and the problem has come up after installing some new apps.

Your Default File Manager doesn’t support OTG viewer

Once you’re sure that your phone supports OTG but you still can’t access the connected device, the next best option is to install EX File Explorer and check again. A reliable and powerful file management app, EX File Explorer can most often read the connected USB without even having your phone rooted.

Root Your Device

Some Android phones can only be connected to an OTG after they are rooted. It’s because this particular phone model cannot mount external memory automatically. Here, you need to root the device and opt for some other software that has better compatibility with USB devices. But while conducting this process, do remember the below points.

* Rooting up a device consists of some complex steps and requires perfection to get results.
* One wrong step can put your smartphone on risk. So try this only if you’re confident to do it right.
* You’ll need to install the supporting kernel. Also, a USB OTG cable will be needed.
* In case your device starts heating up. Stop immediately
* Using the OTG for a long time may also lead your phone to heat up.

Note: If you use Infinix, TECNO or itel phone, you can take your phone to Carlcare service center near you to flash or root it

After the rooting process is completed, you can use a third party app like “USB OTG Helper” to test the process and your phone’s compatibility with the OTG. The app can also verify if the OTG is properly installed or not.

To avoid these hassles and ensure a safe OTG installation and connection, we recommend you to opt for help from a reliable repair agency. For your TECNO, itel, and Infinix device, the Carlcare service center is the place to be. Visit your nearest Carlcare center, and get your device diagnosed by our trained technicians. They will help you figure out the issue, if any, and provide you the best solution. Since we’re the exclusive authorized service center for TECNO, itel and Infinix, and have all the modern tools and technologies at our center, the whole process will be safe and bring out the best result.