Why Do You Supportnot Support Abortion

Inspired by a recent post, I became curious as to why people support/not support abortion rights. This is not meant to be a debate, I am just curious about your own reason for your belief. Should abortion be subjected to moral scrutiny? If you don’t support abortion, do you think it’s fair to not allow anyone to do it?

As this may undoubtedly become a debate, I want to remind people to not be hateful. Just state your opinion and refrain from insult. If we all behave this can become an awesome topic.

To get things started, I personally do not support abortion. I am not religious, so my view is not due to some God or Christian agenda. I just believe that we don’t have the right to determine someone else’s fate. When it comes to children/fetus’ with a declared genetic disorder that results with a fatal death or horrible lifespan, I support abortion. I realize this is contradictory, but my reasoning is that they are going to die anyway, so why prolong the death? Furthermore, I think it may even be immoral to allow a child to be born when it will only feel pain and suffering. This is a case where science, in all it’s greatness, can do good. For those who believe abortion is ok before the central nervous system is developed, I can understand that. Though I do not agree. While the fetus will not feel pain, or even know what’s going on, it has the potential to become a human being. I take birth control and am fine with preventing my eggs from being fertilized because I am not directly ending a life, I am preventing it.

So what’s your opinion?

EDIT: To those who do not support abortion. If the government magically had all this money to use on adoption services, where each unwanted pregnancy would result with the government re-homing the child to a good family, would you condone making abortion illegal?