Why Is Birth Control Important Top Benefits Of Birth Control

You may be wondering, “What is the point of birth control pills?” Although pregnancy control is the main reason most women take birth control pills, some women take them for other beneficial purposes. Other hormonal birth control methods include IUDs, pills, patches, and implants. So, exactly why is birth control important? Here are some reasons why birth control is important, apart from preventing pregnancy.

Regulates Menstrual Cycle
The use of pills, patches, and implants help balance hormonal fluctuations during your menstrual cycle. This can play a significant role in solving various menstrual problems such as heavy bleeding and irregular cycles.

Some birth control methods can make your menstrual cycle more consistent and lighter. It’s important to know that lighter menstrual bleeding lowers iron-deficiency anemia risks that result from heavy bleeding. If you experience premenstrual dysphoric disorder, taking birth control may alleviate symptoms such as weight gain, breast soreness, and acne by reducing hormone levels during the cycle.

Reduces Pain During Menstrual Cycle
One purpose of birth control is to reduce menstrual pain. Hormonal birth control methods prevent pregnancy by averting ovulation. Thus, failure to ovulate means that your uterus will not undergo the painful contractions that result in cramps during ovulation.

If you always experience painful periods, you can use hormonal birth control methods to alleviate the pain. If you want a particular event to be period-free, you can opt to use birth control methods to safely skip your menstrual cycle, which is convenient and safe.

Hormonal Birth Control Pills Are Convenient
Taking birth control pills is an easy task, and you can now find pills in small pack sizes, making it easy for you to carry them wherever you go. Besides that, some birth control apps have a setting that reminds you when to take the pill.

If you are using birth control pills, you do not have to worry about getting pregnant when having sex. According to most women, pills tend to make them enjoy their sex lives since they do not have to worry about pregnancy or interrupt sex. However, before taking pills or any other type of birth control, you’ll need to search “obstetrics and gynecology near me” and get a prescription from a medical expert.

Prevents the Growth of Unwanted Hair and Clears Up Skin
Another reason to use birth control is to improve acne and prevent hair growth in your body’s midline. Birth control achieves this by lowering the levels of male hormones produced in the ovaries. Unfortunately, if male hormone production is higher, you may notice hair growth under your chin, above your lips, and between your breasts. You can also use birth control to stop acne’s development as it contains a hormone that prevents acne formation. However, it can take you some months to notice the difference.

Helps Reduce the Occurrence of Certain Cancers
Taking birth control can alleviate your chances of getting some cancers. Women who use birth control pills tend to have a lower risk of experiencing ovarian cancer compared to women who do not take pills. Taking the pill for an extended period reduces the chances of getting this type of cancer, and the effect can last for over 30 years after you stop using the tablets.

Besides that, women who use birth control pills also tend to have a lower risk of getting endometrial cancer compared to those who don’t use the pill. Some evidence also suggests that using birth control can reduce colorectal cancer development.

Ovarian cysts are compact, liquid-filled swellings that occur in the ovaries during ovulation. Although ovarian cysts don’t pose a significant health threat, they tend to be painful. Women who experience polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) tend to suffer more from this condition compared to other women. By taking birth control pills, you can stop ovulation, which can prevent the growth of cysts.

Helps Manage Endometriosis
This is a painful condition that occurs when the endometrium, a tissue lining in the uterus, grows outside of the uterus. The endometrium bleeds during your menstrual cycle no matter its location. If it bleeds in areas where blood cannot easily penetrate to the outside of your body, it can result in inflammation and pain. When you use hormonal birth control methods, however, you can easily skip your periods. Continuous use of IUDs and birth control pills is the best option for managing endometriosis.

What Is the Point of Birth Control: Helps Alleviate Menstrual Migraines
Menstrual migraines are a powerful headache that affects women due to hormonal changes. Medical experts link menstrual migraines with the reduction in progesterone and estrogen hormone just before you experience a menstrual cycle. With the continuous use of pills, IUDs, and implants, you can manage menstrual migraines as they help prevent this drop.

You Can Get Pregnant After You Stop Taking Birth Control Pills
One of the benefits of birth control pills is that you can become pregnant once you stop taking the medication.

After you stop using the pills, it only takes a few months for the menstrual cycle to return to normal. However, you may experience no or irregular periods during the first few months after withdrawing from birth control. Furthermore, it is likely to happen if you had irregular periods before using the birth control method.

Remember, even if you do not get back to your normal regular cycle, the chances are that you will get pregnant if you stop taking the pills. Therefore, if you stop using tablets and you do not want to get pregnant, search for another birth control method as soon as possible.

Regular Periods
Medications, weight, and stress might interfere with your period, meaning you might not get your period at the exact same time the following month. One of the benefits of taking pills is that you will know when you will get your next period.

Obstetrics and Gynecology Near Me
It is best to contact your doctor to determine each method’s risks and benefits to know which type of birth control is right for you. Remember, birth control tends to have diverse effects on everyone who takes it. Always talk to your doctor to see if you qualify to use birth control because not everybody can use it. The best form of birth control will depend on many factors; hence, if you want to use any type of birth control method, it is good that you contact your doctor for assistance.

If you want to achieve the numerous benefits associated with birth control pills, IUDs, patches, or implants, contact us at the office of Dr. Krinsky today. We have experienced and qualified medical staff who can help you get the right birth control for your needs.