9 Best Free Video Compressors For Discord In 2022

Get an error message that says “Your files are too powerful” when sharing a large video on Discord?

Let’s face it. Discord doesn’t let you upload anything larger than 8MB.

Even if you buy Discord Nitro (which costs 9.9USD per month), you cannot share a video larger than 100MB on Discord. The good news is, with a decent piece of video compressor for Discord, you can easily shrink the video file size to 8MB or smaller.

However, what is the best video compressor for Discord that you can use?

Here we list 9 of the best Discord video compressor that you can get online or offline (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS…).

Most of this video converter for Discord are free of charge. Some of them can reduce the video file size to smaller than 8MB without taking compromising the picture quality. So let’s dive in.

VideoProc Converter VideoProc Converter is the best video compressor for Discord on Windows and Mac. It lets users of all levels compress large video to a size that is smaller than 8MB effortlessly without having to forgo the picture quality. This powerful video compressing tool puts no limits on resolution or bitrates and supports 420+ popular and rare video and audio formats, including MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI, H.264, and MPEG2. In other words, this Discord video converter is able to compress any videos you have, be it a well-crafted video made by video editing applications like iMovie and KineMaster, a funny short video downloaded from sites, a 4K 120FPS high-quality video captured by a smartphone or camera, or a recording of a video call or gameplay. More Reasons to Compress Discord Video via VideoProc Converter * Multiple ways to compress videos: change format to H.264, decrease frame rate/resolution… * Use the advanced high-entropy codec algorithm. The output quality is second to no none * The easiest option. Clear UI, drag-n-drop compression features, and rich presets * Powered by full-GPU acceleration tech, it’s the fastest Discord video compressor * An all-in-one video processing program: convert, record, download, edit video files, and more How to Compress Video for Discord with VideoProc Converter Step 1. Download and install this capable video compressor for Discord on Windows or Mac. Launch it up. Click on Video, hit +Video, and then drag the video(s) that you want to compress for Discord onto the program. Step 2. Select MP4 H.264 under Target Format. H.264 has a better compression ratio than most video coding standards. Step 3. Click on the gear icon aside from MP4 H.264 to open up the Format panel. Herein, you can do a few things to make the file size of the Discord video smaller than 8MB: * Drag the quality slider to the left * Select a lower frame rate or resolution * Increase the GOP value * Decrease the bitrate of the audio file Move the Slider Left Step 4. Click on Done to confirm the changes. Hit Run. VideoProc Converter starts to compress the videos for Discord. VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate is a comprehensive video converter and editor with easy operation. This capable video converter for Discord supports the bulk compression processing of video on Windows and Mac with fast speed. In the process of compression, you can also set the video format, resolution, and bit rate according to your preferences. What’s more, if you are a professional editor, after compressing the video, you can also use its editing function, such as cropping, merging, speed changing and filter adding, to make your video look more professional and better. VideoSolo Video Converter UltimateHow to Compress Video for Discord Using VideoSolo Step 1. Download VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate and run it. Step 2. You are supposed to select “Video Comprossor” in “Toolbox”. Step 3. Click “+” to add the video to compress for sharing on Discord, then simply tap on “Compress”. Step 4. Before compressing, you can also adjust the file size and compress ratio in “Change Source File” depending on your needs. (Optional) Compress a Video with VideoSolo Video Converter8mb.video 8mb.video is typically designed for compressing videos for Discord online. In a nod to beginners, 8MB video compressor simplified its compression page a lot, giving only 3 options (8M, 50MB, and 100MB) for compressing the video file size. This makes 8mb.video quite limited to use for advanced users. How to Compress Video for Discord with 8mb.video Step 1. Go to the official site of 8MB video compressor: /. Step 2. Click on Browse and then choose the source video that you want to compress for sharing on Discord. Step 3. Select 8MB, 50MB, or 100M for making the file size of your video smaller than 80MB, 50MB, or 100MB. Step 4. Click on the green bar. 8mb.video starts to upload and compress the video file for Discord. Step 5. Once completing the compression, click on Download to save the video on your computer. VEED.io If your video does not exceed 250MB, and it’s less than 10 minutes, and you don’t mind the watermark, then VEED.io is worthy to try. In addition to compressing video for Discord online, it can add music/picture/text overlay to video, trim/cut/crop unwanted parts, and record the webcam/desktop. Unfortunately, it does not support batch compression and can only cope with the compression of MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, WMV, and FLV video files. And sometimes, it takes over 30 minutes to upload a 10MB of video. How to Compress Video for Discord with VEED.io Step 1. Click on Choose Video. Select the video that you want to compress for Discord for adding to this online application. Step 2. Move the quality slider to the left until the displayed estimated file size become smaller than 8MB. Step 3. Click on Compress Video. Click on Download to save the video after compression on the computer. Freeconvert Freeconvert is one of the most versatile MP4 compressors for Discord. It lets users compress video files under 1GB for free without leaving any watermark. It can handle the compression of common video formats, such as MKV, MP4, and MKV. However, it’s not a good pick for users who want to compress video while remaining the picture quality. Worse still, the site of Freeconvert is filled with annoying ads that might us to fraud sites. How to Compress Video for Discord with Freeconvert Step 1. Select Choose Files and then choose the video that you want to compress its size for Discord. Step 2. Click on the gear icon next to MP4. Move the quality slider to the left for making the video file smaller for Discord. Step 3. Hit Apply Settings. Click on Compress Now to enable Freeconvert compress video for Discord. Step 4. Click on Download to download the video that’s small enough for sharing on Discord. Online Converter Online Converter is a 100% free-of-charge online video compressor for Discord. It doesn’t come with a well-designed UI design and the maximum file size you can upload to Online Converter is 200MB. However, don’t underestimate this handy online video compression software for Discord as it supports MP4, VOB, FLV, MOV, and dozens of prevalent video formats. Apart from that, it offers advanced tools like video stabilizer and MP4 repair for editing and optimizing your videos. How to Compress Video for Discord with Online Converter Step 1. Hit Choose File and select the original video that’s too powerful for sending to Discord. Step 2. Enter the desired video file. In my case, I choose 5MB. Step 3. Click on Compress. Online Converter starts to load and compress the source video file. Step 4. Hit Download Now to save the compressed Discord video. HandBrake HandBrake is one of the best video compressors that you can rely on to make a video smaller for Discord on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It lets you change the video codec, adjust the resolution, move the quality slider, and customize the encoder profile to compress a Discord video. Like most other open source pogroms in the market, HandBrake lacks a straightforward interface. The large number of unexplained terminologies displayed on the interface might make beginners feel too overwhelmed. However, no worry as it configures some output settings for Discord. With these presets, beginners might be able to compress video for Discord or Nitro in several clicks. How to Compress Video for Discord with HandBrake Step 1. Download and install the most recent release of HandBrake. Fire it up. Drag and drop the video that’s too large to send to Discord onto this freeware. Step 2. Click on Preset and choose Web. Select Discord Small 2 Minutes 360p30. If you are using a Nitro account, you can choose Discord Nitro Large 3-6Minutes 1080p30 or any other preset for Nitro. Step 3. Hit Browse. Select the destination file folder. Hit Start Encode. HandBrake starts to compress video for Discord. Video Compressor – Fast Compress Video & Photo Despite many users rated only 1 star for this application because it presents many ads, it’s one of the most downloaded video compressors on Google App Player. With capabilities like compressing video with low/middle/high quality and cutting videos, it’s an ideal pick for beginners who want to compress Discord video on the smartphone for free. How to Compress Video for Discord on Android Step 1. Launch up this free video compressor for Discord on Android and select the original video that you want to compress its size for Discord. Step 2. Click on Compress Video and choose High Quality or Low Quality. Step 3. Swipe down to find the option marked with the desired output size and select it. This Android-based video compressor for Discord starts to compress your video for Discord. Video Compress – Shrink Video A few things make Video Compress – Shrink Video one of the best free video compressors for Discord that you can get. It lets you to select the desired size compression ratio. This can help you quickly compress a large video to 8MB. Let’s assume the original video is 50MB, then you can easily shrink its size to 7.5MB by choosing 15% as the size compression ratio. It offers the options to customize the video bitrate, frame rate, and other properties. You can keep both the original video and the compressed one. How to Compress Video for Discord on iOS Step 1. Run this free video compressor for Discord on iPhone or iPad, tap on the video file that you want to make its size smaller for sharing on Discord. Step 2. Choose the needed size compression ratio, according to the original video file size. FAQs How do I compress a video for Discord on my phone? To compress a video for Discord on phone, simply use an online video compressor for Discord such as Freeconvert and Veed.io or a mobile-based video compressor application. Does Discord compress videos? Discord doesn’t compress videos we upload or share. It only compresses image files like PNG and JPG. How do I reduce the size of a video in Discord? With a decent piece of video compressor for Discord, you can reduce the size of a video in Discord without hassles. Here’s a demonstration of how to make a Discord video smaller via VideoProc Converter, the best Discord video compressor. Download, install and run VideoProc Converter. Click on Video, choose +Video, and then select your video file. After that, go to the Target Format section and choose MP4 H.264. Hit codec Option and then move the quality slider to the left. If necessary, select a smaller resolution and frame rate. Last, click on Apply and hit Run.