How To Check If Your Tv Has Screen Mirroring

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Wanna know if your TV has a screen mirroring feature built in? – Having a tv with a feature like Screen Mirroring is a blessing. So, check if your current TV has a screen mirroring feature or if your next TV supports screen mirroring.

1. Check your Network Settings and Sources on your TV
How to check if your tv has screen mirroringThe best way to check if your TV supports the Screen Mirroring feature is to go into the settings and head to the wireless settings. Or you could just hit the “source” button on your remote control and check if your TV has screen Mirroring or not.

Oftentimes, your TV is on either TV or HDMI mode. So, it’s easy to change the source to screen mirroring.

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If you’re using Sony TV (Like I do) you can just go to the main menu. And look for the TAB called “Connected Devices”. This TAB is mostly used if you’ve connected external drives, HDMI Cables or even Loud Spears. That’s where you’ll find the Screen Mirroring on Sony TV.

How to check if your tv has screen mirroringLG
If you are using LG TV just go to the settings under the WiFi settings there should be a Screen Mirroring Feature. But LG doesn’t really call it Screen Mirroring rather LG calls it Mira Cast. It’s exactly the same just the name is different.

If you’re using Samsung TV. I suggest you go to the settings and under the network settings, there should be Screen Mirroring.
you can just click “Source” on your remote control. And You can see the “Screen Mirroring”

How to check if your tv has screen mirroringHow to check if your tv has screen mirroring2. Go to the TV Brand’s Website
You can also just head over to the manufacturer’s website and search for your specific model.

(Here are some top brand’s sites for more info)

It’s quite simple to check whether your TV has Screen Mirroring or not. It doesn’t matter the brand, all you have to check is if your TV has WIFI or Ethernet capabilities.

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