PUBG Mobile Best Sensitivity Settings Without Gyroscope

PUBG Mobile is one of the most competitive games, and players want to excel at it to the point of making it their professions. Proper sensitivity settings can take your game to the next level. Poor recoil control can be attributed to incorrect sensitivity settings or at times, lack of skill.

Many PUBG Mobile players prefer using the gyroscope, which is a sensor present in the phone, which can identify the screen orientation and help in recoil control. The gyroscope is used mainly by the players who use the two-finger layout setup.

The other PUBG Mobile players who use varying setups and setting, do not prefer to use the gyroscope.

Given below are the sensitivity settings which the non-gyroscope players can use to improve their game play..

Camera sensitivity (free look) in PUBG Mobile
Camera SensitivityCamera Sensitivity (free look) is the eye button sensitivity. It is used for looking around without the character actually changing its position.

Camera Settings in PUBG Mobile
Camera SettingsCamera settings are quite crucial.These settings influence the movement of camera angle with and without scopes. Initially, a player might find it difficult to play with these settings.

You can use these settings or tweak them a bit to suit your taste.

Aim Down Sight Settings in PUBG Mobile
Aim Down Sight SettingsAim Down Sight Settings are hands down the most important settings in the game. These settings account for recoil control. These settings come into play when you are shooting and dragging your crosshair to control your recoil. The above mentioned ADS settings are for easier recoil control.

The sensitivity settings have to be changed according to layout; these settings can be comfortably used for three-finger layout as well as four-finger layout.

In case you are using two-finger a layout, you can increase the sensitivity as it is generally preferred to have a higher sensitivity when using the two-finger claw setup.

The sensitivity is a matter of personal taste and preference. Having said that, changes can always be made based on personal preferences.

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