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1. > /sport/fo…-set-for-promotion-to-international-duty.html Well, typically those mugs at the FA have proven their spinelessness and have promoted Attwell to the FIFA list :dismay: We knew he was their golden boy but he’s only been refereeing professional football for 14 months!

2. > In the words of Victor Meldrew………………… I DO NOT BELEEEEEEEAAAAVE IT!!!! :dismay::dismay::dismay:

3. > This idea of a team of officials working together all the time is the opposite of what I believe happens in airlines where they don’t want bad habits to develop amongst people familiar with eachother and want to be sure that one (pilot) is prepared to challenge the other. . > Disgraceful. Maybe if I nick a few grand from my shop I might become an area manager. . > Does it suggest the FA felt Mr Attwell wasn’t really at fault (and has done well in other games) and blame the lineman soley for the incident. . > A joke decision. He’ll now **** up at a much higher level. We all knew he’d be protected but this is taking the p***. . > Quote from wiki:
Doesnt look like his poor performance in our game was a one off!

8. > Stick to 4th official atwell, you couldnt possibly **** off anymore teams holding up a board with numbers on it! . > that would be ridiculous – i can undestand the linesman thinking it’s in, thats just a a trick of the eye/mind. What confuses me is how the ref went with the decision despte no-one seeing it and him himself seeing it go wide.
HAs the linesman been punished? the FA are using him as a scapegoat for their youngest ref maybe

10. > Absolutely spot on. The referee was equally to blame yet has been shielded. I don’t think the linesman will be back running the line in the Premiership again. Even though he’s got what he deserved Attwell has got away scot free. . > Indeed, Atwell deserves some of the blame as well and has got away with everything. Sometimes life just isn’t fair.

12. > A decision was obviously made at a very high level before the post-match interviews were due to wheel out the head of Assistant Referees to explain, not Hackett as head of referees. . > Agreed with all the above posts. It’s scant consolation but at least he’s gaurenteed a rocky ride from the fans at every game he referees for the rest of his career. . > absolutely ridiculous as mentioned in wfc4lifes post itsw not a one off and now hes just going to **** up again except this time at a higher level . > Sorry to drag up old threads but something got me thinking the last couple of days. I see the red scousers are up in arms because the ref and VAR official for their game vs Man City are both from Manchester. Neither of them support City but they are still not happy. The irony is that the ref for their last game is a supporter of their opponents rivals. He was also the VAR bloke for our home game against them.
So… how is this possible when Premier league rules state the ref cant officiate the games of a team he supports or their rivals? Surely Attwell should never have been allowed to take any of our games.. or am i missing something?

16. > Doesn’t help allaying the fears over bias and influence. Same for Mike Dean tonight at Burnley v Everton .

17. > Good lord, TVOR has been keeping up the act for FOURTEEN years??